Our contactless credit cards make it quick and easy to pay for anything under R200. Wherever you see the contactless symbol at a petrol station convenience store, supermarket kiosk, coffee shop, fast food restaurant or cinema counter, you only have to tap your card against a contactless-enabled point-of-sale terminal and your transaction will be made in seconds.

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Quick to use

Simply tap on the card payment machine to pay for items of R200 or less.

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Safe to use

You’re in the possession of your card whenever or wherever you make a contactless transaction.

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Earn rewards

As an Absa Rewards member you’ll earn cash back on all transactions.

How to get it & what you can expect

  • How it works

    Step 1: Get going
    Activate your card - your first transaction needs to be a standard point-of-sale or ATM transaction with PIN.

    Step 2: Look and tap
    Lookout for the contactless symbol on terminals. Let the cashier know you’d like to pay with your contactless card.

    Step 3: Go
    A visual on the screen will indicate whether the transaction has been approved or not. Ask for your receipt if you want one and you’re ready to go.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that my card is Contactless enabled?

    The card bears the Contactless symbol. 

  • What is the transaction limit for a Contactless transaction?

    The intention is to make everyday purchases easy with just a tap. No more waiting for change, entering a PIN or signing receipts. The transaction limit for Contactless is R200. For transactions above R200 you will need to dip your card and enter a PIN. Normal CHIP & PIN process applies.

  • How does Contactless work?

    The card has a tiny antenna embedded into the card, which securely transmits payment instructions to and from Contactless adapted card terminals.

  • What are the benefits of Contactless?

    The technology built into your card allows you to pay instantly, just by tapping your card over a secure contactless terminal. For purchases under R200, there’s no entering of PIN numbers, swiping, signing, or fumbling for cash.  For security purposes your card will randomly ask you to dip and enter your pin.

  • How will I know a POS machine is Contactless enabled?

    Look for the Contactless sign when you do your shopping. 

  • Do I need to load funds for Contactless transactions?

    The great news is NO! The Contactless transaction comes straight off your credit card limit.

  • Are Contactless transactions secure?

    Yes, every transaction and personal information is protected by security measures. However, since PIN or signature is not required for Contactless transactions, you must ensure that you keep your card safe and you must immediately notify us if your card is lost or stolen. Please safeguard your contactless-enabled card or contactless device as it is similar to cash and anyone in possession of it can perform transactions where the PIN or any other authorisation is not required.

  • Could I unknowingly make a purchase if I walk past the reader, or be debited twice for the same transaction?

    No. The terminal must be Contactless enabled. You will see the Contactless sign on the point of sale device. The cashier must have first entered the payment amount to activate the contactless terminal. Then the Contactless card needs to be held within four centimetres or closer of the contactless terminal.

  • Is there any chance that payments may be taken twice from my account?

    Terminals are designed to only make one transaction per card at a time. All terminals have been tested and certified to confirm that a card is only read once before the transaction is concluded. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

  • Which retailers will accept my card?

    Your card will be accepted for Contactless transactions wherever you see the Contactless symbol at the point of sale. We expect Contactless to be popular at many of the locations you visit every day such as grocery stores, petrol station forecourts, fast food outlets, coffee bars, convenience stores, and transport providers.

  • Can I still perform CHIP and PIN transactions with my Contactless card?

    Yes, of course you can. We have added additional functionality available to you for transactions that are lower than R200.  You may choose not to use the Contactless functionality even for transactions lower than R200.

  • What happens if my card falls in the wrong hands (lost or stolen)?

    Contactless transactions will be covered by your Lost Card protection. However, the same rules apply.  A customer must notify us immediately when their card is Lost or Stolen to be covered under this protection.

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