Why use your app?

Guaranteed security

and free fraud cover

Data free

No data or Wi-Fi

connectivity needed.

credit history
Multiple transactions

Perform multiple transactions

like buying electricity or

airtime,paying beneficiaries and more.

Zero fees

No subscription or

registration fees,

just install it and get started.

Absa Banking App
   Leading app safety and convenience
  • Free Digital Fraud Warranty

    A first for South Africa. This gives you added protection if you are defrauded using the App Digital Fraud Warranty.

  • Perform multiple transactions

    • Cashsend
    • Retrieve Pin
    • Get statements
    • View card details
    • Buy funeral cover
    • Apply for life cover
    • Make EFT payments
    • Lotto and Powerball
    • Apply for an Overdraft
    • Manage your card limits
    • Change Digital Limits (Edit)
    • Open an investment account
    • Reject unauthorised transactions
    • Temporarily lock any of your cards
    • Stop and replace any of your cards
    • Transfer money between accounts
    • Make payments with Western Union
    • View and Download Tax Certificates
    • Buy prepaid airtime, data or electricity
    • View and Download Bank Confirmation Letter
    • Activate your card to use overseas when you travel    
  • Guaranteed security

    Your money is protected and safe with the latest technologies like two-factor authentication (2FA) and high-level encryption. In fact, with 2FA, even if your SIM card is cloned (SIM swap fraud) criminals still cannot access your money.

Download your App and start banking the smart way

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Banking App
How to get started with the app
  • An Android or iOS smartphone
  • A registered cellphone number 
  • Your ATM card and PIN (unless you apply for a new account through the App)
  • Your account number
Contact details

Call us on 08600 08600
Email us at absa@absa.co.za