Holistic insurance solution for Private Banking clients
Private Insure

Exclusively for Private Banking clients, Private Insure offers you an insurance solution that goes above and beyond the ordinary - covering anything from your priceless art or sports car collection to your turn-of-the-century Tabriz Persian rugs.

Your insurance adviser or private banker is waiting to treat you like royalty.

Why do I need Private Insure?
  • Your insurance needs go beyond the ordinary and you want to protect high-value or selective items.
  • You want options - including whether you pay an annual or a monthly insurance premium.
  • You want to eliminate overlapping benefits from different insurance policies so that you don’t pay unnecessary premiums.
  • You want the benefit of an experienced team of financial and insurance professionals. Their advice will be translated into a convenient and easy-to-understand solution that will suit your needs.
What's in it for me?
  • Holistic insurance solution. Insure everything from your home and its contents to your yacht.
  • Premium service. Your insurance adviser or private banker will assist you from end to end - making the process quick and easy.
What does this include?

With Private Insure, your insurance adviser or personal banker will help tailor a comprehensive package that covers all the important aspects of your life:

Extra benefits covered, over and above standard household contents insurance, include:

  • Security guards to ensure safety after damage
  • Cover for professional counselling after you've experienced a trauma
  • Any new possessions
  • Gifts received or purchased
  • Cover for your guests' possessions
  • All risks covered, including worldwide insurance cover for your possessions when travelling

Homeowners insurance will cover your property structure, fittings or features while your property is being transferred, altered, or improved because you've been in an accident and need easier physical access. It also covers:

  • Fitted appliances or furniture for the first 21 one days after being bought
  • Damage to gardens
  • Tracing and repairing leaks
  • Damage caused by fire, storms, floods, earthquakes and subsidence

Motor vehicle insurance for the retail value of your car and any credit shortfall that may arise. This includes emergency accommodation, limited medical expenses for hijacking and accidents well as the option to extend the car hire period to 90 days.

Airborne technical assistance for 4x4 vehicles (or similar) including winch repairs, evacuation costs and medical care outside South Africa.

Quad bike and caravan/trailer insurance is available in addition to sailboats, motorboats, and other small boats used for pleasure.

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