Household contents insurance
Household contents

Your home is where you and your family members keep your most valuable possessions. Why not insure your possessions with Absa?

House contents insurance covers your belongings and possessions in your home, including furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, rugs, curtains and removable mirrors and paintings.

We are here to help you by providing 24/7 emergency home assistance from professionals such as plumbers and electricians.

Enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing that your household contents are insured in the event of fire, theft or any unforeseen insured event.

Why do I need household contents insurance?
  • To insure that in the event of your valuable possessions being accidentally damaged due to an insured event or stolen, you can replace or repair them.
  • You have valuable household contents and you don’t want to risk your financial stability to replace them.
  • You want to be covered for events that are out of your control – such as fires and natural disasters.
What's in it for me?
  • Affordable cover. You don't need to pay a fortune to make sure that your treasured items are insured
  • Peace of mind. Come rain, fire, earthquake or burglary - your possessions are insured
  • 24/7 emergency assistance. Access to plumbers and electricians.
What does this cover?

Most insurance policies cover the following, but please consult with your insurer to determine the specific cover you may have on your policy.

  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • A fire or explosion
  • Acts of nature (earthquake, wind, storm, lightning, snow or flood)
  • An impact from vehicles, falling trees, aircraft, etc.
  • Damage caused by bursting or overflowing geysers or pipes
  • Liability to other people (including domestic employees)
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