Ensure you are adequately insured with Absa. In addition to our all-inclusive insurance packages, we offer a range of stand-alone insurance options that range from life insurance and medical insurance through to household contents insurance and portable possession insurance which will suit your individual requirements and your budget.

Insuring Your Individuality

Offering you comprehensive and personalised insurance solutions that you can count on to cover you when you need it the most

Insuring Your Possessions

Your possessions are vulnerable to theft, loss and damage; so ensure that they are adequately insured to ensure the quick replacement of these items

Insuring Your Lifestyle

Live the active, fulfilling lifestyle that you want to without worrying about your family’s financial security with Absa insurance solutions

All Inclusive Insurance Solutions

Choose the short-term, long-term and life insurance products that suit your unique needs, and ensure that you always have adequate cover

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