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Absa Consultants and Actuaries work closely with you to best meet your ongoing employee benefit needs. Your employee benefit consultant is responsible for your relationship with Absa and will help you find appropriate financial solutions.

Services include:
  • Consulting – expert, objective technical advice offered to employers, boards of trustees as well as members
  • Administration – revolving around state-of-the-art technology, flexibility, transparency and consumerism, and our financially integrated Absa-managed system
  • Actuarial – we provide detailed, thorough and professional services via the full spectrum of the actuarial sphere
  • Asset consulting – advice and assistance with the structuring of investment policies, investigating investment managers, comprehensive performance analyses as well as individual member choices
  • Umbrella funds – innovative and cost-effective retirement fund solutions via a range of umbrella fund products catering for small to large employers across all sectors. Flexibility and investment choices for members, personal interaction with the employer, and varying degrees of management information are all created for given the different options available to members
  • Trustee training – we provide a range of customised courses to accommodate a diversity of backgrounds with varied qualification levels and experience
  • Member communication – we offer advice on communicating to a diverse membership in terms of literacy levels, language preference and communication channels
  • Employee benefit advisory – we offer financial planning and advice to members through accredited financial advisers. This includes risk, wealth creation, wealth preservation and estate planning.
  • Umbrella fund solutions to organisations which offer retirement benefits, death and disability cover either packaged as one simple solution, or customised with your choice of underwriter
  • Other – investment monitoring, secretarial services at trustee meetings, disability management and legal services
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