Advantages of switching to renewable energy

Beat load shedding

Keep the lights on for a fraction of your current costs with alternative power solutions.


Save on electricity costs

Pay less for your electricity when you switch to renewable energy.

low risk
Save the environment

Reduces air pollution by generating your own electricity from the sun.

It's reliable

Keep your business moving with or without load shedding.

Finance your renewable energy installation

We offer bespoke financing options tailored to fit your needs. We also structure your loan so that you get a positive cashflow from day one.

*Risk profile dependent. Terms and conditions apply.

Renewable energy solutions

Solar energy

Use the energy from the sun to generate electricity or heat water.

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Generate electricity using organic matter like plants and food waste.

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Wind energy

Harness wind to produce electricity using wind turbines.

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Hydro energy

Generate electricity using a moving stream of water.

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Battery storage

Store electricity using battery energy storage systems (BESS).

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