Benefits of using wind energy

Save on costs

Reduce your electricity bill by cutting your dependency on utility-provided electricity.

Good return on investment

Get tax breaks when you invest in wind energy for your business.

low risk
Guaranteed power

Wind energy offers an excellent guarantee of regularity.

It's free

Wind is everywhere, and free to harvest, 24/7.

Finance your wind power project

  • What is wind energy?

    Wind energy is electricity generated by a wind turbine or windmill. By using the wind, electricity can be generated throughout the day and night, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

    However, as wind flow patterns and speeds vary across South Africa, there are certain areas that are better suited for the use of wind energy. It is important, therefore, to do a resource estimate to determine whether there is adequate wind to justify the installation of wind energy at your business premises.

  • Renewable Energy Term Loan

    Repay your loan over 10 years or less.  Get funding up to 100% of the cost of your project with no additional security required*.


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*Risk profile dependent. Terms and conditions apply.

How to generate electricity using wind energy

Renewable energy solutions

Solar energy

Use the energy from the sun to generate electricity or heat water.

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Generate electricity using organic matter like plants and food waste.

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Wind energy

Harness wind to produce electricity using wind turbines.

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Hydro energy

Generate electricity using a moving stream of water.

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Battery storage

Store electricity using battery energy storage systems (BESS).

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