Benefits of a battery storage system

Emergency backup

Keep your business moving during power outages or power disruptions.



Reduce your dependence on the grid.


Reduce the amount of electricy you use from the grid.

Save Mother Earth

Going green reduces your carbon footprint and saves the planet.

Finance your solar energy project

We offer bespoke financing options tailored to fit your needs. We also structure your loan so that you get a positive cashflow from day one.

  • Green Asset Finance

    Invest in a solar installation with terms from five to seven years. Get funding up to 100% of the cost of your project with no additional security required*.

  • Renewable Energy Term Loan

    Repay your loan over 10 years or less.  Get funding up to 100% of the cost of your project with no additional security required*.

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*Risk profile dependent. Terms and conditions apply.

How to save costs using battery storage
  • Peak shaving

    Save on your monthly electricity bill and avoid peak demand charges by reducing power consumption during periods of high electricity demand.


  • Increased PV self-consumption

    When the amount of electricity generated from the solar panels exceeds the demand of the business, you can store excess electricity using your batteries. Using a BESS, the excess electricity could be stored for use at a time when your electricity demand exceeds what is generated by your solar panels, allowing you to increase the self-consumption of your solar PV energy.


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  • Arbitrage

    Save on costs by purchasing more electricity during off-peak periods, storing that electricity using BESS and discharging it during peak hours.

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  • Network upgrade deferral

    Defer the cost of upgrading your electricity network infrastructure and install a BESS assist in providing additional power during peak times.

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Renewable energy solutions

Solar energy

Use the energy from the sun to generate electricity or heat water.

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Generate electricity using organic matter like plants and food waste.

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Wind energy

Harness wind to produce electricity using wind turbines.

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Hydro energy

Generate electricity using a moving stream of water.

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Battery storage

Store electricity using battery energy storage systems (BESS).

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