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Cover your property against misfortune
Absa idirect home/building insurance

It is said that a man's home is his castle. Whether your home is, in fact, a castle, a stylish townhouse or that modern urban apartment you love; our property insurance is designed to safeguard against everything from natural disasters to criminal damage and accidents.

Our cover ensures that the structure and permanent fittings of your valuable investment can be rebuilt or repaired, whatever misfortune knocks at the door.

Insurance against
  • Natural disaster such as earthquakes, storms and floods
  • Fire or explosions
  • Storm, floods, lightning strikes and resultant damage
  • Bursts, leaking, overflowing geysers and water pipes
  • Loss or damage to the structure of the property caused by housebreaking and theft
  • Impact from vehicles, falling trees, aircraft, etc.
  • Accidental breaking of fixed glass and sanitary ware
  • Legal liability cover to a maximum of R3 million.
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