Why Absa insurance?

Your car needs cover because you don’t need the costs of repairs. Car insurance is essential but why should it be time-consuming? At Absa Insurance we’re thinking about what you’re thinking about. That’s why we’ve made our car insurance easy. Protect your vehicle and your wallet with sound Insurance advice from our experts. Insurance that’s simple, easy and cost effective.

Home drive / Taxi

Home Drive is a designated-driver service that ensures you always arrive home safely after a night out, with the added convenience of being driven home, with up to six drives available per policy.

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Road side assist

We will ensure that whatever happens on the road to slow you down, we’ll be there to help you get back on your way. In the event of a roadside emergency, Absa Insurance Assist can be contacted 24 hours a day to arrange for assistance.

Road Guard

Stay safe in an emergency. Absa Insurance Assist will send an armed security guard to you should you break down in an unsafe area. Keeping you and your vehicle safe until help arrives - its extra security and protection you can always count on.

What you can expect

What you get with Comprehensive car insurance

Loss or damage from insured events to the vehicle caused by:

  • Fire, explosion, lightening, hail, storm, flood or snow
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • Accidents and deliberate acts intended to cause loss or damage (excludes deliberate acts caused by you, the regular driver or members of your household)
  • Towing and storage charges after an insured event
  • Limited medical expenses
  • Responsibility to others (Legal liability)


  • Optional car hire - Absa Insurance company offers car-hire at competitive rates
  • Flat excess structure - select your basic excess up front and get peace of mind when you have to claim
  • Jump start service - Assistance is also provided at non-roadside locations for example at your home
  • Digital vehicle inspection - Digital onboarding inspection in the comfort of your own home
  • Cash back peace of mind - no excess payment for windscreen chip repair and your cash back remains unaffected 



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Digital Vehicle Inspection

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For any queries or claims please call us on

idirect policies: 0860 20 21 22 (24hr)

Absa insurance Company: 0860 100 876

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Emergency info

In the event of an emergency, for roadside assistance, call Absa insurance company for idirect policies on:

0861 434 732

In the event of a windscreen claim, call Glasfit on:

0860 123 423