Looking for a sleek and improved way to do your banking?

We want to design and build the best mobile banking experience in the world for you, our customer. And the only way to do it is if we do it with you. We want to meet your needs to create a faster, easier to access and secure experience that is free of data charges and can be used any time and anywhere.

Easy to access and secure experience that is free of data

The journey we are on

Our journey started with a focus on basic banking needs (i.e. payments, transfers, prepaid and CashSend), making it more user-friendly for you. Now we want to make it even more fun and human, allowing you to personalise your app and continuously improve it. To do this we want your help. Tell us what features you need and how we can make it easier for you to do your banking, anytime, anywhere.

If you have any further feedback or suggestions for features please let our app team know by sending them feedback to bankingapp@absa.co.za

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Banking App Home Screen
Banking App payment Hub

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Features and benefits

Manage your money on the move and around the clock with our secure and easy-to-use banking app. We are constantly adding new features and will continue doing so. We’ll also keep you updated on innovative new functionality.

Our journey so far enables you to:
  • Register for digital banking which gives you access to both mobile and online banking
  • Log in instantly
  • Personalise your app
  • Share account details directly from the app
  • Pay your bills
  • Buy prepaid airtime, data and SMS bundles
  • Send money using CashSend
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • View your accounts
  • Create and manage beneficiaries
  • Manage your card limits

More information

  • How will the banking app make my life easier?

    You can now do your mobile banking safely, quickly and easily by using your smartphone free of charge on all networks.

  • Can I use both mobile banking apps?

    You can still use your old and new mobile banking app.

    Keep in mind that our new app doesn’t have all the features of the old version yet, so while we keep on enhancing and adding exciting features to our new app, you can still use the old one to bank without any hassles.

  • Is the banking app safe to use?

    Yes, our app is on a secure platform and you can bank safely. 

  • Is my mobile device compatible?

    The app can be downloaded on the following mobile devices:

    • iOS, Android and Windows devices
    • OS version 4.1 upwards
    • iOS app is optimised for OS 7 upwards
    • Windows app is optimised for OS 8.1 upwards

    Our app does not support jail broken or routed devices for your own security purposes.

  • What is the difference between my pin, password and passcode?

    Card Pin

    Your card pin is linked to your bank card.  You will enter it when withdrawing from the ATM or making a payment at a point-of-sale machine.

    Digital Pin 

    Your digital pin is linked to your digital access account number. You will enter this pin with your account number when logging onto online banking or when linking a device on your app. Your digital pin is used when logging onto your online banking and your mobile app.


    Your password is also used when accessing your online banking and when linking a device on your app. You will generally be asked for the missing characters of this password. 


    This is the 5-digit number that is created when you link your app to a specific device. This will be used to log into the app every time after you have linked your device. Each device you link your account to will have its own 5-digit passcode. 

  • Can I log into my account on other devices?

    Yes, you can log into your account on other devices. You will however need to link your account to that device in order to do so. You can currently link five devices to one account. 

  • Do I have to be an Absa customer to use the app?

    Currently you do need to have an Absa account to use the functionality on the new mobile banking app. Non-Absa Bank customers may still use the older mobile banking app.

  • Does the app cost anything?

    No – it is free to download and use. You will only be charged for some transactions.

  • Is the app available in other languages?

    Our app is available in both English and Afrikaans once you have securely logged onto the app to start banking. The pre-logon screens are only available in english. 

Simply dial *120*2272# on your phone


Any handset type, with no downloads or data required

How to register
  • Make sure you are registered for the Absa NotifyMe service.
  • Dial *120*2272# on your phone.
  • Follow the prompts to register for USSD banking.
  • You will receive an SMS 24 hours later prompting you to set up your USSD PIN.
  • Once your PIN is set up, simply dial *120*2272#, login and start banking!
What are services available on USSD banking?
  • Check your account balances
  • Apply for an Absa Personal Loan
  • Top up your contactless card wallet
  • View and redeem your Absa Rewards
  • Send Money using CashSend
  • Buy PrePaid Electricity
  • Buy PrePaid airtime, data and SMS bundles
  • Get account mini-statements
What are the benefits of USSD Banking?
  • USSD Banking is easy and quick to use.
  • USSD Banking will work on any handset type, even feature phones. You do not need a smartphone to use USSD Banking.
  • You do not need data services to use USSD banking.
  • No downloads or Apps required.

A home search tool in your pocket

Search for Absa Homeowner app in the following app stores

  • What you get

    • Search the property sales and rental markets through Absa’s partnership with Property24
    • Filter your search to refine the results according to location, price, property type etc.
    • Scroll through property details and view pictures of the homes you are interested in
    • Rate the properties you like and save them to your device, then access them later - even if you’re not connected to the internet
    • Call and email estate agents to set up property viewing appointments directly from the app
    • Save estate agents’ contact details directly to your address book
    • Make notes and take photos of the homes you’ve viewed so that you can review them later, at your leisure
    • Use the calculators to estimate monthly repayments, transfer fees and bond costs, as well as the total cost of moving (calculations are for illustrative purposes only and final costs will be discussed with you during the home loan application process)
    • Find Absa branches in your area and view them on a map
    • Call and email us for any home loans related queries directly from the app
    • Contact an independent mortgage originator
    • Use the 'See if you qualify' tool to see if you are eligible for a home loan from Absa in 3 easy steps
    • Access the Absa Homeowner App from the Absa banking App navigation
    • See our 'Guiding you home' YouTube videos from the App and learn about our great products and services
    • Easily access Absa’s HelpUSell property listing
    • Users will be able to filter on sold/reserved/reduced/POA (price on application) property
    • View additional property details (example: rates, levies etc.)
  • How to get it

    • Absa Homeowner can be downloaded from the iOS App store and Google Play Store
    • The minimum requirement to use the app is iOS version 6 for Apple and version 2.3 for Android
    • This is a smartphone app, but is available for iPad devices as well - select the 'iPhone Only' option when searching the app store on your iPad
    • Please note this app does not work on rooted/jailbroken handsets
  • When you’re ready to buy

    • Speak to an Absa Home Loans specialist who will help you fully understand your options
    • They will also help you with the Absa home loan application process
    • You can apply telephonically on 0860 111 007, at an Absa branch or online, right here on www.absa.co.za
  • Legal counsel deposit

    • Some authorities require you to pay a deposit for utilities (such as water and lights) and a monthly fee towards rates and taxes
    • This amount differs from local authority to local authority

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