Absa contactless enabled debit cards let you pay for small amounts with just a tap of your card. No swiping, no PIN. It’s quick and convenient and even faster than paying with cash!

Less hassle
No need to carry cash

Just tap and you’re done.

Available for Private Banking clients
Also available for Private Banking clients

As an Absa Private Banking customer you also enjoy the benefits of making contactless payments.

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How to get it and what you can expect

  • Request a card in a branch or from your banker

    Debit cards are available with the new contactless functionality in branches or from your banker, if you are a Private Banking or Wealth client.

    If you have a new Visa-branded Youth, Student, Islamic, Gold, Premium, Private Banking and Wealth segments debit card with the contactless symbol on, you can start using contactless with no need to load funds, as funds will be deducted directly from your primary account.

    If your card is MasterCard-branded or does not have the contactless symbol on, you will need to go to the branch and request a contactless-enabled card. A card replacement fee is applicable, if it is not your first Absa debit card.

    If you currently have the wallet contactless card and would like more information on how it works, please contact 08600 08600.

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  • How much does it cost?

    • You will pay the same fee as you currently pay to transact, there is no extra cost
    • There are no charges for declined transactions

What you need to know about contactless payments

  • Where can I get a new contactless-enabled card?

    New contactless-enabled cards are available at all our branches. If you are a Private Bank or Wealth client, you can request a replacement card from your banker. A card replacement fee is applicable.

  • How do I know if my card is contactless enabled?

    If your debit card has card numbers printed in black on the back of the card, it is still the old contactless card. New contactless cards do not have black card numbers printed on the back of the card.

  • Where can I use my contactless card?

    Look out for the contactless payment symbol at participating:

    • Petrol station convenience stores
    • Supermarket kiosks
    • Fast-food restaurants
    • Cinema counters
    • Bus or taxi operators
  • How does the contactless debit card work?

    If you are an Absa debit card holder with the latest Contactless functionality, you are able to tap for transactions under R200 without entering a PIN. For transactions over R200, you will be required to insert your card and provide your PIN.

    Ensure that you are signed up for the NotifyMe service to keep track of all transactions conducted on your account. Set your point-of-sale limits using Absa Online or our Banking App.

  • Why has the contactless feature been added to our debit cards?

    We continuously strive to simplify your banking and transacting experience. Adding the contactless functionality to debit cards allows you to choose how you pay for your transport or retail items. When you come across a retailer that accepts contactless payments, you can pay for low-value goods or services much faster.

  • Can I use my contactless enabled card to pay for transport?

    Yes, your contactless card can be used to pay for your transport fare if it costs under R200 and if the transport operator allows contactless payments. Look out for the contactless symbol at participating public transport operators.

  • Can I use my contactless enabled card to buy from retailers?

    Yes, your contactless card can be used to pay for retail purchases of under R200 at participating retailers where the contactless symbol is displayed.

  • Where can I find retailers that accept contactless transactions?

    Look out for the contactless symbol at participating retailers and transport providers as this indicates that they accept contactless payments.

    Contactless payments are a new way to pay and many retailers are in the process of converting their point-of-sale devices to accept contactless transactions. Over time, you will start seeing more and more retailers and transport operators accepting contactless transactions.

  • What happens if I lose my contactless card?

    The contactless-enabled card is just like cash. You don’t need a PIN to use it, which means you can quickly process transactions of under R200 and, if lost, a third party will be able to use it in the same way.

    If you lose your card, call the Absa stop card number immediately on 0800 11 11 15

What if I am using a contactless card issued  before August 2017

  • How to load money

    Before you can use your contactless card you will need to load some cash (up to R200) onto it.

    Via Absa Online Banking
    Inforgraphic AOL Contactless
    Via USSD
    Inforgraphic USSD Contactless

    Via ATM
    Inforgraphic ATM Contactless
  • How to activate it

    Once your card is loaded with cash you need to activate it.

    Inforgraphic AOL Contactless
  • How to unload

    Absa contactless-enabled debit cards let you pay for small amounts with just a tap of your card. No swiping, no PIN. It’s quick and convenient and even faster than paying with cash!

    Inforgraphic AOL Contactless

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