The Absa digital card makes it easy for you to do your online shopping without your physical card, and it comes with great security features.

The Absa MasterPass wallet
Secure online shopping

You can lock and unlock your card when shopping online.

Contactless payment
Load on other apps

You can use the digital card on apps like Bolt and Samsung Pay.

What you need to know
  • What is the digital card’s functionality?

    • It’s a digital version of your credit or debit card on the Banking App.
    • It has the same 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV as your physical debit or credit card.
  • How does the digital card work for you?

    • If you’re a new customer or if you have ordered a new card (debit or credit) and haven’t received it yet, or if you don’t have your physical card when making online purchases, you can use your digital card details.
    • You need all your card details, found on the Banking App, to make an online shopping purchase, without your physical card in hand.
    • You can also use these digital card details to load onto apps such as Bolt and Samsung Pay.
    • You can see your full portfolio of Absa cards on the Banking App, to ensure that you are aware of all the cards linked to your banking profile. This enables you to cancel the cards that you no longer need (for example a secondary card linked to your account).
  • How can I shop online safely?

    • You can lock or unlock transactions on your card, on the App, at the touch of a button.
    • When shopping online, you can use your digital card details, then lock and unlock your transactions.
    • You can lock and unlock your online shopping transactions as many times as you like, and you will receive a notification every time you do this.
    • Locking your card’s online shopping transactions means that anyone trying to commit card-not-present (CNP) fraud on your account is completely unable to do so, as the transaction will not go through. A CNP transaction is performed where you are not physically present with the card in the store.
    • To see which transactions you’ve locked on each card, logon to the Banking App and refer to the lock symbol next to the card. Click on the card to view the locked transactions.
  • What’s next for Absa’s digital card?

    • We’re in the process of developing the ability for you to use your digital cards on our Banking App for physical purchases too.
    • You will be able to carry your smartphone with you, with the Banking App downloaded.
    • When you shop, you will simply use the App to scan and make QR code-enabled purchases at a point-of-sale device without needing to use QR payment apps such as Snapscan and Zapper, or tap your phone to do contactless transactions, similar to Samsung Pay.
    • These purchases made via the digital card functionality on your Banking App contain a heightened level of security such as:
      • Not handing over your card, eliminating the risk of compromising your card details.
      • There will be two layers of protection to access your card: Your phone’s PIN or password to open your phone, and then accessing the Banking App via fingerprint or password to use your digital card.
  • Is the App safe to use?

    The App has safety features like:

    •  Report fraud – where you can call to speak to a security expert
    • Temporarily lock and unlock your card
    • Free digital warranty

    For more information on our Digital Fraud Warranty, click here.

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