You have worked hard to build financial security for yourself and those dear to you, but what will happen to your estate when you pass on? Speak to us and we’ll help you draft a will, set up a trust or make a plan for everything you own or owe.

financial security

Ensure your peace of mind and create a will

We will help you draft a will that ensures your wishes are carried out legally, that your loved ones are taken care of and that your possessions of monetary and sentimental value are properly protected and distributed.

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Secure the future of your loved ones

  • Why should I create a will?

    A will gives you the opportunity to indicate how and to whom your assets are to be distributed after your death. If you die without a will, your assets may not end up with the people you would have wanted them to. A will allows you:

    • Decide who gets your assets and property — and who doesn’t
    • Save time, money, and stress for your loved ones
    • Lower the potential for family disputes
    • Determine who will manage your estate (the executor)
    • Nominate the person/institution to administer any testamentary trust (the trustee)
    • Choose who will take care of your minor children
    • Provide instructions for your funeral
    • Protection and management of your assets
    • Ensure your estate is set up in a tax-efficient way
    • If you’re a business owner, to ensure the business succession is in place so that your business continues to run smoothly
  • How do I go about it?

    • Apply for your will through your Absa Online Banking account
    • Contact Absa Wills Direct on 0860 627 775 and a consultant will help you
Ensure your peace of mind and create a will

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financial security

Protect your wealth and welfare of your loved ones

We offer several trust services to facilitate the creation and protection of your wealth.

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Protect your assets

  • When do I need a trust?

    • When you have substantial assets and you want your estate to be distributed in a very specific way
    • If you want to transfer and grow assets in a living trust instead of your estate to minimise estate duty and other costs
    • If you want to ensure continuity of financial support and protection from generation to generation
    • If you want to benefit a particular cause such as a charity or a dependent family member during and after your lifetime
  • Types of trust services

    We specialise in various trust services to accommodate your specific needs:

    • Testamentary trust
    • Living/Inter vivos trust
    • Beneficiary fund/employee benefit trust
Need help with setting up a trust?

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financial security

Get assistance with estate planning

Ensure that your wealth accumulated during your lifetime is distributed according to your wishes. Speak to us regarding tax efficient ways to reduce the tax liability in your estate, including sufficient liquidity to resolve any shortfalls.

Let us help you administer your deceased estate professionally and efficiently, in as short a time as possible.

Reporting a deceased estate

Losing a loved one is not easy. Also, if you have to sort out their affairs, it can seem overwhelming.

Report a deceased estate

Protect your assets

  • How do I know if my estate planning is in order?

    Estate administration allows for:

    • Easy and comprehensive estate administration
    • Protection, management and distribution of your assets according to your will
    • Protection of benefits to beneficiaries by way of a testamentary trust
    • Ensuring cash is available for your heirs’ living expenses after your death
    • For business owners, ensuring business succession

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Let’s help you plan your estate

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