Your credit protection plan will alleviate your family’s financial burden if you are permanently or temporarily disabled, diagnosed with a critical illness, retrenched or even in the event of your death.

Death cover

Your outstanding balance will be paid in full.

Tailored protection

Protection is based on your individual needs.

What does credit protection entail?

When do I need credit protection insurance?

An Absa credit protection plan is right for you if you:

  • Have credit agreements and worry about not being able to pay them 
  • Want your loan to be paid in full for death, permanent disability and dread disease
  • Want to have a grace period for temporary disability or serious illness
  • Want monthly instalments on your loan to be paid for a period if you are retrenched
What does it cover?

A credit protection plan is available on:

  • Absa personal loans
  • Revolving loans
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Credit cards
  • MasterCard Electronic and Visa Classic credit cards
  • Vehicle finance  

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