Partner with us to get your business moving with flexible, hassle-free vehicle and asset finance option for new or used vehicles. We also assist you to finance, manage and maintain your fleet.

Flexible finance solutions for your business assets


Whether it’s a three-tonner, a 22-wheeler, a forklift, a combine harvester, a grader, a digger, a plane, a boat, a fleet of trucks or even a train, Absa Commercial Asset Finance can offer you a workable asset finance solution to help power your business further. Our business needs are not the same as your competitors, or anyone else’s. That’s why we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will offer you skilled specialists who are experts in your sector, and will tailor-make a solution to specifically suit your growing business needs.

Flexible repayment terms

You can choose repayment terms of between 12 and 60 months.

We tailor solutions to suit your needs

Our skilled specialists are experts in a variety of sectors and will tailor-make a solution to fit your business.

Protect your loan

We can settle the outstanding balance in the case of death, disability or retrenchment.

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What do you need to drive your business?

  • A solution to finance my business assets

    Instalment Sale Agreement

    An Installment Sale Agreement (ISA) is a transaction where we sell an asset to you over a negotiated time frame.

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    Finance Lease Agreement

    We purchase the asset and you lease the asset from us. This allows your business uninterrupted use of the asset, rather than ownership.

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    Operating Lease Agreement

    Our Operating Lease Agreements allow your business uninterrupted use of the asset rather than ownership of it.

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    Islamic Vehicle and Asset Finance

    Let’s assist you with a fully Shari’ah compliant Islamic Vehicle Finance and benefit from unique advantages.

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  • Specialised finance

    Not only will our specialists work with you, but they’ll also collaboratively involve our other internal business units - offering business banking solutions, value added insurances, fleet card solutions and technology funding solutions, ensuring a holistic end-to-end product solution.

    Aviation finance
    Aviation finance
    • We have strong partnerships with international and local aviation dealers and manufacturers.
    • We offer industry-led expertise in aircraft importation, as well as local sourcing.
    • Through relationships with leading aviation insurance players, aviation attorneys, international escrow agents and the South African Civil Aviation authorities we forge auxiliary support crucial to aviation finance.
    • We also offer aviation fuel cards underwritten by Absa Card Division.
    • We also offer Specialised Trade & Cargo Management.

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    Marine finance
    Marine finance
    • We have supportive funding mechanisms that cater for marine finance.
    • Our offers are loan-funded, with repayments suited to your cash flow and business circumstances.
    • We also offer Islamic finance and credit lines, in addition to value-added risk mitigation. products like credit shortfall, loss of use cover, credit protection cover, deposit protector and mechanical breakdown warranties.

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  • Value added products

    With our finance agreements we also offer tried and trusted value added risk mitigation products these include:


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Innovative vehicle management solutions

Product & service range

We provide innovative as well as cost-effective fleet management solutions for your business.

Value added products

We enhance your customer experience with additional products and services.

Features and benefits

We offer a variety of sophisticated funding options which come with value adding benefits for your business.

Online Reporting

Our unique internet-based reporting tool My Fleet allows you to access simple, easy-to-read reports on your fleet.

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This is what we offer:

  • Our product and service range

    Full Maintenance Leases
    Full Maintenance Leases

    Our Full Maintenance Lease is a comprehensive “full-suite” service where, for a monthly rental, you enjoy the use of vehicles that we source and purchase for your use. We carry the residual value risk on all vehicles and dispose of them at the end of the contract. We also bear the cost of maintenance.

    We constantly monitor your fleet and work with you to keep your rentals in line with vehicle use. At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle.

    Full maintenance lease contracts provide you with many key benefits:

    • The fixed terms facilitate accurate cash-flow forecasting
    • Input VAT on maintenance expenditure is full recoverable
    Operating rentals
    Operating rentals

    This is where you enjoy the use of the vehicle for a monthly rental and pay the actual maintenance expenses incurred.

    Our technical support and the close management of all maintenance invoices will ensure that all costs are duly authorised and unnecessary expenses are avoided. At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle and pay for any extra kilometres you have travelled.

    Operating Rentals enable you to:

    • Fully recover input VAT on maintenance costs
    • Keep your maintenance costs at minimum
    Managed Maintenance
    Managed Maintenance

    Our skilled technical experts provide cost effective and proactive maintenance management. These costs, paid by Absa Vehicle Management Solutions, will be recovered from you at the end of every month, after invoices have been scrutinised for accuracy and appropriateness and after we have ensured that the work is done according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

    Management Reporting
    Management Reporting

    This plan is ideal when you need only reporting capabilities, perhaps together with our fuel card service, on a part of your fleet not managed by us through one of our other agreement types. We will capture information on these vehicles onto our system so that you are able to access information on your whole fleet in one set of reports.

  • Features and benefits

    Managed risk

    We’ll manage all residual value and maintenance risk on your fleet vehicles or share them with you. Our state-of-the art information technology, extensive experience and solid relationships with dealers and manufacturers ensure that you get the optimum professional service you need.

    Competitive rentals

    You can qualify for extremely competitive fees or rentals depending on the size of your company and involvement.

    Customised packages

    We design a package tailor-made for you. We’ll consult with you on vehicle policy and management, fleet structure and cash flows. We also set up exception-based reporting systems that suit to your needs.


    We ensure we provide you with comprehensive advice and administrative procedures. We’ll also take care of all sourcing and disposal of vehicles, manage associated documentation and handle all licensing and administration.

  • Value added products

    Fuel Management

    We provide a comprehensive fleet card service. This facility, combined with our other services, provides you with one point of contact for all your fleet requirements. It also enables us to better monitor the usage of your fleet and thereby improve our control of all your fleet costs.

    Insurance and Accident Management

    We have developed a sophisticated insurance capability through which our customers have access to innovative, tailored insurance products enables us to manage and thereby control another important component of your fleet costs.

    Roadside Mechanical Assistance

    We can arrange roadside assistance for your drivers to ensure that they stay mobile and safe at all times.

    Fines and Licences

    We will manage the renewal of your vehicles’ licences and the payment of your drivers’ fines.

    Open Road Tolling

    This solution will facilitate the ORT transactions and will be incorporated in the monthly expenditure, thus reducing any administration burden on the customer. Absa Fleet Card Services has ensured that the ORT solution incorporates the issuing of tags, managing the transaction flow to settlement and dispute management.

    Tracking and Recovery Systems

    We will have the units installed for you and arrange to pay the monthly fees on your behalf.

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Fleet Card Services for your business

Our solutions are tailor made for you

We’ll consult with you on Fleet Card and management reporting needs as well as set up reporting systems that suit your needs.

You get all the assistance you need

We’ll also take care of all Fleet Card information management requirements as well as facilitate discussions with oil companies.

Get rewarded for spending

Get Business Rewards and discounts from motor fuel companies.

Daily updates on your Fleet Card transactions

You get daily tailored reports to meet your needs.

This is what we offer

  • Features and benefits

    • Absa Fleet offers a variety of Fleet Cards to meet your fleet requirements
    • Absa Fleet cards are accepted at approximately 16,000 fuel and repair merchants nationwide
    • Fleet Cards are accepted at all Toll Plazas in South Africa
    • Our Fleet Call Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
    • Fuel Alliances are held with Sasol Oil and Caltex SA, to offer Business Rewards and diesel rebates
    • Key Account Manager is assigned to your fleet to provide fleet and fuel information management services
    • Fleet reports are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • Customized reports are available
    • Competitive pricing in line with required Fleet Solutions
    • Integration into Fleet and Payroll solutions
    • We design a package tailor-made for you.
    • We ensure we provide you with comprehensive advice and administrative procedures.
    • You get Business Rewards on all Sasol Purchases on the Fleet Cards (Terms and Conditions apply)
    • Through our Alliance with Caltex SA, diesel rebates will be negotiated and facilitated
    • Daily exception reports are sent to ensure that you are aware of all anomalies on your Fleet Card information.
      • Facilitates timeous investigation of potentially irregular transactions
      • Excessive fuel/oil consumption
      • Multiple fill-ups
      • Irregular odometer readings
      • Weekend fill up
    • Detailed Toll reports are available including Open Road Tolling transactions
    • Absa will provide all vehicles with e-tags for Open Road Tolling if you take this option
    • Competitive pricing - you can qualify for extremely competitive fees and solutions depending on the size of your company and involvement.
    • No unauthorized usage
    • Ability to manage credit limits
  • Our fuel card range

    Fuel only card

    You can use this card to buy petrol or diesel and get Sasol Business Rewards.

    Fuel and toll card

    Buy petrol or diesel, pay for toll roads and get Sasol Business Rewards. This option excludes oil transactions but you may opt for the car wash option.

    Fuel, oil, toll, repairs and maintenance

    Buy petrol and diesel, pay for vehicle repairs and maintenance, toll roads, and get Sasol Business Rewards. You have the choice to include oil transactions or car wash options.

    Toll only card

    You can use this card to pay for toll road usage these cards are used for the procurement of toll transactions at toll gates. You can link Open Road Tolling e-tags to your card.

    Miscellaneous cards

    These cards are not linked to a specific vehicle and can be used to refuel a number of vehicles. You can only buy fuel.

    Caltex fuel, oil and toll only card (Open bin)

    You can use this card to buy diesel from Caltex garages at a discounted rate. You can use this card to pay for toll gates or buy fuel at other petrol station brands (no discount is applicable).

    Caltex fuel, oil and toll only card (Closed bin)

    You can use this card to buy diesel from Caltex garages ONLY at a discounted rate. You can use this card to pay for toll gates. 

  • Value added products


    When you get an e-tag you can drive through toll plazas on some of South Africa’s national highways without having to stop to pay for to pay tolls manually.

    Car wash

    We offer the Car Wash option on some of our fleet cards. You can enable or disable this service on request.

    Management reporting

    You can request reports on your Fleet Card. You have options to get these via email or simply download from our internet-based reporting tool My Fleet.

    AFS (E-Fuel)

    E-Fuel is a card-free, cashless system using technology to pre-authorize and conclude a refuelling transaction. The vehicle and not the driver authorizes the transaction. By introducing this technology, the customer is provided with a preventative control measure to ensure that a vehicle is present when fuel is dispensed, and allocation of fuel is properly recorded against a specific vehicle.

    BP Fuel Master

    Africa, FuelMaster is a means of cardless technology and allows for ease of refuelling.

  • Our Alliance Partners


    In partnership with Caltex, we are able to facilitate payments for diesel at discounted rates from all participating Caltex petrol stations. We offer “closed bin” cards which can ONLY be accepted at participating Caltex petrol stations and can be used to pay for tolls and “open bin” cards which you can use to buy fuel at any petrol station or pay for tolls nationwide.

    Sasol Rewards

    We reward you in cash for using your Fleet Card to buy 3 000 litres or more of fuel per month at Sasol and Exel filling stations.

  • Fleet Card Contacts

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