Partner with us and get your business moving with flexible, hassle-free vehicle and asset finance for new or used vehicles. Also, we can take care of your business vehicles through our fleet management services.

Absa Commercial Asset Finance



We understand that every business has specific funding needs. With our dedicated industry experts, we can provide bespoke finance for your business or industry. Our aim is to mobilise your competitive advantage and help you bring your possibilities to life.

Absa offers instalment sale agreements or financial leases on all movable assets, including commercial vehicles, manufacturing and agricultural equipment and yellow goods. Finance also extends to aviation, marine and renewable energy assets.


Flexible terms

Choose repayment terms between 12 and 60 months.

Competitive interest rates

Save on interest by choosing the best finance option for your business.

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Expert advice

Our skilled specialists will tailor-make funding to suit your business.

We manage your fleet while you focus on growing your business

Sector expertise

We provide innovative fleet management solutions for your business.

Value-added products

We enhance your customer experience with additional products and services.

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More value

We offer a variety of funding options and value adding benefits.

  • Our products and services

    Full maintenance leases

    Enjoy the use of vehicles that we own. We carry the residual value risk on all vehicles and dispose of them at the end of the contract. We also bear the cost of maintenance.

    We constantly monitor your fleet and work with you to keep your rentals in line with vehicle use. At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle to us.

    Full maintenance lease contracts provide the following key benefits:

    • The fixed terms facilitate accurate cashflow forecasting.
    • Input VAT on maintenance expenditure is fully recoverable.


    Operating rentals

    This is where you enjoy the use of the vehicle for a monthly rental and pay the actual maintenance expenses incurred.

    Our technical support and the close management of all maintenance invoices will ensure that all costs are duly authorised and unnecessary expenses are avoided. At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle and pay for any extra kilometres you have travelled.

    Operating rentals enable you to:

    • Fully recover input VAT on maintenance costs.
    • Keep your maintenance costs at a minimum.


    Managed maintenance

    Our skilled technical experts provide cost effective and proactive maintenance management. These costs will be recovered from you at the end of every month after:

    • Invoices have been scrutinised for accuracy and appropriateness.
    • We have ensured that the work is done according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Features and benefits

    Manage risk
    • We manage all residual value and maintenance risk on your fleet vehicles or share them with you. 
    • Our state-of-the art information technology, extensive experience and solid relationships with dealers and manufacturers ensure that you get the optimum professional service you need.
    Competitive rentals

    You may qualify for extremely competitive fees or rentals depending on the size of your company and involvement.

    Customised packages
    • We consult with you on vehicle policy and management, fleet structure and cash flows. 
    • We also set up exception-based reporting systems that suit your needs.
    • We ensure we provide you with comprehensive advice and administrative procedures. 
    • We take care of all sourcing and disposal of vehicles, manage associated documentation and handle all licensing and administration.
  • Value added products

    Fuel management

    We provide a comprehensive fleet card service. This facility gives you:

    • One point of contact for all your fleet requirements. 
    • Enables us to better monitor the usage of your fleet, improving our control of all your fleet costs.
    Insurance and accident management

    Our customers can access innovative, tailored insurance products.

    Roadside mechanical assistance

    We can arrange roadside assistance for your drivers to ensure that they stay mobile and safe at all times.

    Fines and licences

    We will manage the renewal of your vehicles’ licences and the payment of your drivers’ fines.

    Open road tolling
    • We facilitate all your open road tolling (ORT) transactions, reducing administration burdens.
    • We ensure that the ORT solution incorporates the issuing of tags, managing the transaction flow to settlement and dispute management.
    Tracking and recovery systems

    We install tracking units and arrange to pay the monthly fees on your behalf.

  • Contact us

    Johannesburg 011 685 9500
    Cape Town 021 816 4000
    Port Elizabeth 041 396 5533
    Durban 031 566 7700
    Nelspruit 013 753 4584

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Fleet management in the palm of your hand

vehicle and asset finance
Bespoke services

We set up reporting systems that suit your needs.

Paper and pen
Professional assistance 

We take care of your requirements and facilitate discussions with oil companies.

Great rewards

Get Business Rewards and discounts from motor fuel companies.

Daily updates

Get daily, tailored reports about your spending.

  • Features and benefits

    • We offer a variety of Fleet Cards to meet your fleet requirements.
    • Accepted at approximately 16 000 fuel and repair merchants nationwide.
    • Accepted at all Toll Plazas in South Africa.
    • Our Fleet Call Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
    • Fuel alliances with Sasol Oil and Caltex SA.
    • We offer Business Rewards and diesel rebates.
    • Key account manager assigned to your fleet to provide fleet and fuel information management services.
    • Fleet reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
    • Customised reports.
    • Competitive pricing in line with required Fleet Solutions.
    • Integration into fleet and payroll solutions.
    • Package solutions.
    • Comprehensive advice and administrative procedures.
    • Business Rewards on all Sasol Purchases on the Fleet Cards (Terms and Conditions apply).
    • Diesel rebates will be negotiated and facilitated with Caltex SA.
    • Daily exception reports on:
      • Potential irregular transactions
      • Excessive fuel/oil consumption
      • Multiple fill-ups
      • Weekend fill-ups
      • Irregular odometer readings
    • Detailed toll reports including Open Road Tolling transactions.
    • e-Tags for Open Road Tolling. 
    • Competitive pricing. 
    • No unauthorized usage.
    • Manage credit limits.
  • Our fuel card range

    Use our Fuel Only Card to buy petrol or diesel and get Sasol Business Rewards.

    Fuel and toll card
    • Buy petrol or diesel, pay for toll roads and get Sasol Business Rewards.
    • Excludes oil transactions but you may opt for the car wash option.
    Fuel, oil, toll, repairs and maintenance
    • Buy petrol and diesel, pay for vehicle repairs and maintenance, toll roads, and get Sasol Business Rewards.
    • Choice to include oil transactions or car wash options.
    Toll only card
    • Use this card to pay for toll road usage these cards are used for the procurement of toll transactions at toll gates. 
    • Link Open Road Tolling e-tags to your card.
    Miscellaneous cards
    • Cannot be linked to a specific vehicle  
    • Can be used to refuel a number of vehicles
    • Can only buy fuel
    Caltex fuel, oil and toll only card (Open bin)
    • Use this card to buy diesel from Caltex garages at a discounted rate. 
    • Use this card to pay for toll gates or buy fuel at other petrol station brands (no discount is applicable).

    Caltex fuel, oil and toll only card (Closed bin)
    • Use this card to buy diesel from Caltex garages ONLY at a discounted rate. 
    • Use this card to pay for toll gates. 
  • Value added products

    • Pay for tolls using a tag.
    • It's safe and fast.
    Car wash
    • Option on some of our fleet cards.
    • Enable or disable this service on request.
    Management reporting
    • Request reports on your Fleet Card.
    • Option to get reports via email or simply download from our internet-based reporting tool My Fleet.
    • Card-free, cashless system using technology to pre-authorize and conclude a refuelling transaction. 
    • The vehicle and not the driver authorises the transaction. 
    • Customer is provided with a preventative control measure to ensure that a vehicle is present when fuel is dispensed and allocation of fuel is properly recorded against a specific vehicle.
    BP FuelMaster

    Cardless technology which allows for ease of refuelling.

  • Our alliance partners

    • Facilitate payments for diesel at discounted rates from all participating Caltex petrol stations.
    • We offer “closed bin” cards can ONLY be accepted at participating Caltex petrol stations and can be used to pay for tolls.
    • We offer “open bin” cards which you can use to buy fuel at any petrol station or pay for tolls nationwide.
    Sasol rewards

    We reward you in cash for using your Fleet Card to buy 3 000 litres or more of fuel per month at Sasol and Exel filling stations.

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Our Commercial Asset Finance solutions

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Specialised solutions

We also provide specialised solutions to cater for specific customer needs and business requirements.

  • Finance for imported assets and local or imported aircraft and marine vessels

    • Interim loan agreement and conversion to instalment sale agreement. This solution offers import management and risk mitigation on financed assets (whether the imported asset is purchased directly from an overseas seller or via a local seller).
    • Sale and purchase agreement. This solution offers refinance of an imported asset. We verify the ownership of an imported asset before we enter a sale and purchase agreement.
    • Aviation Loan Agreement. This solution offers aviation finance (both international and domestic purchases). We also offer interim loan agreements to allow for part payments and imported aircraft. We have a specialist team to assist with your aviation needs.
      We offer finance:
      • For new and used helicopters
      • Fixed-wing aircraft
      • Commercial jets
      • Upgrades and engine overhauls on aviation products
    • Loan for marine finance. This solution offers finance for new and used marine vessels as per customers’ requests. We also offer interim loan agreements to allow for new ship building contracts. Leisure craft finance is considered on a customer basis.
  • Benefits to customers when financing imported assets

    • Providing a comprehensive estimate of delivered costs for the full import to the customer and region for credit applications.
    • Risk mitigation of the import process includes foreign exchange risk, payment risk, freight forwarding and/or clearance and delivery risk, aviation/marine insurance risk and any other ad hoc risks pertinent to specific transactions.
    • Benefits of supply chain management as we arrange oversee full import deal management, eliminating customers’ time and effort to liaise with overseas suppliers, local agents and service providers (including assisting with full customs clearance), which translates into time and cost saving.
    • All documentary trade products (letters of credit, telegraphic transfers, purchase of foreign currency, exchange control applications) are handled under interim and not the customer’s own general banking facilities.
    • Benefit of cashflow saving – as customs VAT is both paid and reclaimed by Absa by virtue of Absa being the financier (output VAT on the instalment sale agreement which ensures client not incurring double VAT).
  • Specialised funding solutions

    This solution offers CAF customers tailored finance. It is targeted at customers who have an approved facility that is greater than R20 million and requires a unique amortisation structure across all sectors of the economy.

    Minimum requirements:

    • Customers have an option to use an Access Deposit facility on loan structures.
    • For high-volume asset portfolio customers requiring a non-standard lending offering.
    • Customers must pay specialised funding solution (SFS) fees.
    • Customers must have a minimum approved facility of R20 million.

    Customer benefits:

    • Instalment agreement with schedules to suit customers’ needs.
    • Improved and streamlined administration.
    • Consolidated amortised schedules.
    • No individual instalment agreement per asset.
    • Provides an access deposit facility for customers.

Joint ventures and alliances

Absa CAF has joint venture and alliance partnerships with dominant players within the following industries to create a unique customer experience.

  • Transport:

    • MAN Financial Services: Joint venture partnership with VW Financial Services Germany for the financing of trucks and buses from MAN Automotive, offering tailor-made financing solutions.
    • Link finance: An alliance partnership with Route Quest PTY Ltd for the financing of commercial trailers, trucks, yellow goods and other assets.
  • Agriculture:

    John Deere Financial Services: Joint venture partnership for the financing of agriculture and construction equipment, offered at special package deals on selected John Deere assets.

  • Construction:

    JCB Finance: An alliance partnership with JCB for the financing of construction equipment, offered at special packages on selected JCB assets

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