Enjoy great benefits including 100% financing and tax benefits when you apply for Islamic Vehicle and Asset Finance.

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  • How it works

    • Managed and administered according to Shari’ah law.
    • The Absa Shari’ah Supervisory Board, an independent board comprised of learned Muslim scholars, specialises in Fiqh Almua’malat (Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence).
    • This board directs, approves, reviews, supervises and monitors our Islamic banking activities to ensure Shari’ah compliance.
    • Using the concept of Ijaarah, which is similar to leasing, you have access to a movable asset for a fixed period and price.
    • Islamic finance is available online, via branches, Absa-approved dealerships or the Contact Centre.
    • We also offer the following finance options:
      • Sale and leaseback finance
      • Specialised finance: marine and aviation finance
  • What you get

    • Shari'ah-compliant finance for vehicle or other movable assets.
    • Unique benefits such as 100% financing and tax benefits.
    • Fixed or a variable rate.
    • Flexible payment options allow you to reduce your monthly rental fee when you need extra cash based on agreement.
    • At the end of the lease period, you get ownership of the asset at the contractual value.
    • Payment amounts can be adjusted upfront using bullet or balloon payments.

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