PayShap is the easiest way to send and receive money using your Absa Banking App, Online Banking and Cellphone Banking. Make instant payments, anytime!

Why use PayShap?
  • Benefits of using PayShap

    • Instant: Payments reflect in your account instantly.
    • Convenient: Make and receive payments using just a ShapID and bank account details.
    • Safe: All payments are secure and safer than cash.
    • Saves time: No more standing in ATM queues to get cash – digital payments are now quick and easy.
  • What you need to know

    • You can use PayShap via your Banking App, Online Banking or Cellphone Banking.
    • You can only use your Absa-registered cellphone number, i.e. the number on your banking profile, to register for PayShap. If you change your cellphone number, remember to update it on your profile.
    • Your ShapID is linked to your selected Absa account.
    • PayShap payments can only be made to participating banks.
    • If you select Absa as your primary ShapID, payments will be automatically deposited into your linked Absa account. You do not have to share your bank (Absa) with the sender.
  • How to register your ShapID

    The Absa Banking App:

    1. Open the Absa Banking App on your device
    2. Tap Log in and enter your passcode, or log in using biometrics
    3.  Tap on your profile and select Register your cellphone number for PayShap now!
    4. Read the information, then tap Register now
    5. The ‘Register your ShapID’ page will prepopulate your cellphone number on your banking profile and known-as name
    6. Select an account to link to your ShapID
    7. Accept the terms and conditions and tap Next
    8. Confirm to have Absa as your primary ShapID
    9. Tap Next and Confirm your details
    10. You’re now registered for ShapID
    11. Tap ‘Share’ to send your ShapID or tap ‘Done’ to return to the home screen

    Absa Online Banking

    1. On the Absa website home page, click Log in on the top right of your screen
    2. Log in to your Absa Online account
    3. Select Express Banking
    4. Click Payments
    5. Read the information, then click Register now
    6. Your cellphone number will get prepopulated
    7. Enter your Known-as name
    8. Select an account to link to your ShapID
    9. Accept the terms and conditions and click Next
    10. Confirm to have Absa as your primary ShapID
    11. Click Next and Confirm your details
    12.  You’re now registered for ShapID
    13. Click Done

    Cellphone Banking

    1. Dial the Absa Cellphone Banking number *120*227#
    2. Enter your 5-digit PIN and tap Send
    3. Select PayShap
    4. Select Register your ShapID
    5. Enter the cellphone number linked to your banking profile and your Know-as name
    6. Accept the terms and conditions
    7. Select the account you want to link to your ShapID
    8. Choose Absa as the primary bank and tap Confirm
    9. You’re now registered for ShapID
  • How to make a PayShap payment

    • When making a payment, you will be given the option to make an instant payment.
    • Look out for the PayShap sign.
    • You can make payments to individuals and businesses.  
    • Payments will reflect instantly.

Frequently asked questions