Here are the most frequently asked questions by customers like you.
  • What is an account number?

    This is a unique number specific to your bank account. You use it to access Absa Online Banking.  
    When you first register, you can choose to use your Absa Credit Card, Savings or Cheque Account number.

  • What is a user number?

    You can choose to give more than one person access to an Absa Online Profile. For example, if you and your spouse both want access to an account, you will each have your own profile and user number so that you can see all the changes and transaction made on the account. 

    The main user is always number 1, the second user number 2, and so on.

    To set up extra users, please visit an Absa branch with your South African ID and your bank card. 

  • What should I know about my Absa Online PIN?

    A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is an important security number that you will need to enter every time that you logon to Absa Online Banking.

    Your Absa Online PIN can be different from your regular bank card PIN and we recommend this for extra security. 

    • Your PIN will be four to five digits. We recommend that you change it regularly.

    • Change your PIN under your profile as long as it’s still valid.

    • Protect your information from key-loggers; enter your PIN using the on-screen virtual keypad rather than your keyboard. 

    • You have three chances to enter your PIN correctly. If you’re unsuccessful on the last attempt, Absa Online Banking will automatically lock you out.

    If you have forgotten your PIN, click here for steps on how you can reset it.

  • What’s the difference between a main user and an operator?

    If your Absa card is contactless, you can tap it on the contactless receiver to pay for small-value transactions without entering your PIN. For larger purchases, you’ll be asked to provide your PIN or occasionally insert your card in the point-of-sale terminal. Please note that you may be asked to enter your PIN when doing some small transactions, for security reasons.

    You can also load your contactless card in a mobile wallet like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay and use your phone to tap.

    For your security and peace of mind, we strongly recommend signing up for our NotifyMe service to keep track of all transactions conducted on your account. Set your point-of-sale limits using our Banking App. 

  • All you need to know about SureCheck security alerts

    With SureCheck security alerts, a message will be sent to your Absa Banking App on your linked cellphone, prompting you to accept or decline a transaction. 

    • The SureCheck message will be sent to the cellphone number that you registered.  

    • If you previously received RVN or TVN SMSs, your service will have been automatically upgraded to SureCheck.  

    You will receive a SureCheck message when you: 

    • Are about to make a payment. 

    • Create a new beneficiary. 

    • Set up a recurring payment. 

    • Add a new operator. 

    • Change your notification details. 

    • Update your daily limits. 

    If you experience problems with receiving SureCheck notifications or want to change your SureCheck notification options, click here and follow the steps  

  • What is an authorisation?

    An authorisation is the process during which the main user approves banking transactions created by another main user or operator.

  • What is an account limit?

    • This is a limit on the amount of money that can be transferred between your accounts. 

    • These limits are daily limits and can be changed under your Absa Online Banking profile. Find out more about limits on Absa Online Payments.

  • How do I log off?

    • You’ll be logged off automatically after six minutes if there’s no activity on your account.

    • You can choose to log yourself off at any time by selecting the Logout option in the top right-hand corner.

  • Can I secure my card online?

    Yes, with services like Manage your limits and Temporary lock, you are able to secure your card from any unauthorised transactions.

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