Pay wherever you do life

We understand that on any given day, you travel through a melting pot of different places. Be it your favourite ishisanyama spot, or that high-end boutique – you need smart solutions to pay wherever you do life.

What are our  digital ways to pay?

These include PayShap, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay and our very own scan to pay functionality (QR payments) on the banking app. Now you can pay using your compatible smartwatch, smartphone or tablet.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
Smartphones and tablets 1. Download the Absa Banking App and register (add icons: iOS and Android) 2. Click on the QR payment tab to add your Absa Debit or Credit Card.  3. Start making payments by simply scanning a QR code that available for payment.


(Compatible with Apple, Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung smartwatches)

1. Click on the digital wallet on your preferred compatible smart device. 2. Add your Absa Debit or Credit Card. 3. Start making payments with a tap or scan of your watch.
Innovative ways to pay and shop

 Your smartphone is a powerful bank in your pocket

  • ChatWallet

    ChatWallet is a safe and simple way to bank wherever you are, 24/7. Easily receive CashSends and money, send money to friends and family, and buy electricity, airtime, and data.

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  • PayShap

    Payshap, the fast, instant way to send and receive money. Now you can send up to R 3000 to any bank, using your Absa Banking App.

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  • Absa Digital Card

    Shop online without your actual bank card.

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  • Google Wallet™

    A convenient, safer and contactless way for you to pay for your shopping using your Android phone (Huawei not supported by Google Wallet™)


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  • Apple Pay

    A convenient, safer and contactless way for you to pay for your shopping using your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. 

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  • Fitbit Pay

    Fitbit Pay lets you make payments on-the-go directly from your wrist with select Fitbit smartwatches and trackers, adding convenience to your life and freedom to leave your smartphone and wallet at home.


    Simply add your Absa Debit and/or Credit card to your compatible Fitbit device through the Fitbit App today using the below steps.


    What’s more, you get access to state-of-the-art tokenization technology that protects your card details when transacting via Fitbit Pay.


    Fitbit Pay is available on:


    • Fitbit Sense
    • Fitbit Versa 3
    • Fitbit Versa 2
    • Fitbit Charge 4
    • Fitbit Versa
    • Fitbit Ionic
    • Fitbit Charge 3 Special edition


    For more information on compatible Fitbit devices and features, please click here.


    For help with the set-up process, click here.


  • Garmin Pay

    Download the Garmin Pay App and link your Absa debit and/or credit card to your compatible Garmin watch today and experience the safety, convenience, and ease of conducting 'tap and pay' transactions.


    What's more, you get added security with tokenized payments, where your card details are not shared when you pay.


    Compatible Garmin Watches:


    • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus (including 5S and 5X)
    • Garmin Vivoactive 3 & Vivoactive 3 Music
    • Garmin Forerunner 945
    • Garmin Forerunner 645 (and 645 Music)
    • Garmin Marq (all editions)
    • Garmin D2 Delta (including Deltas and Delta PX)


    For more information on compatible Garmin devices and features, how to set-up and use, click here.


  • Samsung Pay

    Pay using your Samsung Galaxy phone.

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  • Contactless payments

    Contactless payments or Tap to Pay allow you to make payments simply by tapping your card on (or holding it in close proximity of) the point-of-sale device. This includes your mobile or wearable device on which your card is loaded such as Samsung Pay, your Garmin or Fitbit.

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  • Absa MasterPass wallet

    Keep all your payment details in one secure digital wallet.

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  • Walletdoc

    A smart and easy way to pay all your bills online.

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Smart compatibility
  Smartwatch Smartphone Tablet
Compatibility     iOS, Android, Fitbit, Garmin. iOS, Android iOS, Android
Payment method Tap to pay or scan your smartwatch to pay. Scan to pay Scan to pay
How secure are Absa’s digital ways to pay? 

In short, very. The best way to guard against cybercrime is to always stay ahead of it. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in world-class digital security systems to ensure that when you transact online, your funds are secure. 

Security Feature Benefit
Virtual Card A cashless, contactless option, if you prefer not to use your plastic card, or have misplaced it.
3-Layered security Security protection provided by your mobile device or smartwatch, the digital payment solution that you choose and your digital card’s security controls mean stricter levels of security so that you can feel 3 times safer when making digital payments.
Fingerprint recognition Transact safely with fingerprint biometric authentication.
Facial recognition Your face can also become your Banking App PIN to access our new digital ways to pay.
Transactional verification Verify all transactions in real time.
Stop and replace card In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you can stop it ASAP on the Absa Banking App, and order a replacement just as quickly.
Digital Fraud Warranty To ensure that you transact securely wherever you do life, you’ll be glad to know that our Digital Fraud Warranty comes standard with all digital transactions.
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