What is SMiShing?

You receive a text message asking you to respond to an allegedly important and official request relating to the security or unblocking of your account.
The link will ask you for information like your account number, PIN, password and cellphone number.
If the SMS looks legitimate enough and you’re caught off guard, you could end up giving your personal information to a fraudster and fall victim to a SMiShing scam.



How to spot SMiShing

A lady in an orange dress
The SMS has a short web address (URL) using a bit.ly link
The SMiShing link
requests personal
information that a
bank would never ask for
If you compare the SMiShing SMS 
to other messages from us, you’ll notice big differences 
in the style and sign-off

How to protect yourself

SMiShing is a way for fraudsters to con you into sharing your personal account information so that they can access your accounts for their own use. 

  • Banks use your cellphone number to verify your identity and for you to verify high-risk transactions.
  • Absa will never ask you for your PIN, password or passcode, transaction verification or card CVV number.
  • Please do not click on any bit.ly links or share any of your personal information via a link sent to you in an SMS, even if it claims to be from the bank. 

Be vigilant! Never click on a link in an SMS claiming to be from Absa.

If you receive a suspicious SMS, report it and then delete it. 

To report any suspicious activity, contact the Absa fraud hotline in one of the following ways:

  • Via the Absa Banking App by using the click to call functionality
  • Call 0860 557 557 or 011 501 5089 
Scam example 2
Scam example 2
Scam example
Scam example 2
Scam example 3
Scam example 4
Scam example 5

Remember, Absa will not request your PIN, password, passcode, and transaction verification or card CVV number. Always ‘#ProtectYourKeysToTheSafe’ and report any suspicious activity to the Absa Fraud Hotline immediately via the mobile banking app by using the ‘click to call’ functionality or simply call 0860 557 557 or +27 11 501 5089.

Contact details

Fraud Hotline: 
0860 557  557
+27 11 501 5089

3D secure call centre: 
+27 11 354 4058