We’re always on the lookout for new, cutting-edge digital solutions to enhance your banking experience. This is why our Banking App just got even better! 

Say hi to Absa Abby, your award-winning virtual assistant, here to help you navigate the banking app quicker and easier. 

What does Abby help me with?

Wondering how to perform certain functions? Just ask Abby by typing in your question, and you will receive an instant response. Powered by artificial intelligence, Abby learns from your interactions on the banking app, and is able to guide you based on your habits, so your experience will improve as Abby gets to know you.

Absa Abby can show you how to:

  • Navigate with ease and bank on the go using the Absa Banking App
  • Stop or replace cards without calling in
  • Send cash instantly
  • Get eStatements and a bank confirmation letter without going to the branch
  • Buy airtime and electricity anywhere, anytime 
  • Get tax certificates quickly and easily
  • Link or unlink devices on your app
  • Open an investment account or apply for a loan online
  • Pay for goods using the QR code payment capability
  • Make international payments using Western Union or SWIFT

Let Absa Abby help you to get more out of our banking app. Download the Absa Banking App and ask Absa Abby today!  

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Let Absa Abby help you to get more out of our banking app.

Download the Absa Banking App and ask Absa Abby today!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Absa Virtual Assistant?

    Absa Virtual Assistant is a market-leading virtual banking assistant that can guide you on how to perform frequent transactions on the Banking App. The Virtual Assistant can give you step- by- step instructions, or take you straight to the right place if you’re in a hurry.

    Absa Virtual Assistant can help you find product information, download documents and statements, add and pay beneficiaries, stopping/replacing a card, and many more.   

  • What channels support the Absa Virtual Assistant?

    Absa Virtual Assistant is currently available on the Absa Banking App and will be rolled out to Absa Online Banking , the website, WhatsApp Banking, and more channels in the future.

  • How does Absa Virtual Assistant work?

    Absa Virtual Assistant has an intuitive user interface through which you can send a request. The assistant will respond and handle your query in a conversational manner. The Virtual Assistant can give you step- by- step instructions or take you straight to the right place if you’re in a hurry. It will also give you product information and help you apply for insurance including funeral cover, investments, and credit products.

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Absa Virtual Assistant on the Banking App?

    Yes, a smart device is required to interact with Absa Virtual Assistant. iOS and Android devices are supported.

  • Where in the Banking App is Absa Virtual Assistant located?

    Absa Virtual Assistant will be available for use from the Notifications screen for iOS devices, and Messages screen for Android devices. Following authentication, to start chatting with Absa Virtual Assistant, simply tap on the Ask me icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • What capabilities does Absa Virtual Assistant have?

    Absa Virtual Assistant will be able to guide you through navigation and provide product information. At the moment, it can assist you with the requests below:

    How-to guides for:

    • Downloading an eStatement
    • Completing a CashSend
    • Paying existing beneficiaries
    • Buying prepaid data, airtime and electricity
    • Adding a new beneficiary
    • Stopping a card
    • Managing devices
    • Downloading a tax certificate
    • Downloading a stamped bank statement
    • Getting a bank confirmation letter.

    Product information for:

    • Funeral Cover
    • Fixed Deposit
    • Life Cover (Ultimate Protector)
    • Unit trusts
    • Credit Card
    • Personal Loans

    Like any assistant, Absa Virtual Assistant will learn how to do more for you over time. We’ll keep you updated as the Absa Virtual Assistant adds more features and becomes even better at seamlessly integrating into your digital banking life.

  • Who will Absa Virtual Assistant be available to?

    Absa Virtual Assistant will be available to all Absa customers using the Absa Banking App on both iOS and Android smartphones.

  • What languages are catered for by Absa Virtual Assistant?

    Absa Virtual Assistant is available in English only.

  • Can Absa Virtual Assistant complete requests for me in the Banking App?

    Currently, Absa Virtual Assistant can guide you through navigational queries, how-to guides and product information. In the future, Absa Virtual Assistant will be able to complete requests like sending a bank statement to your personal email address.

  • Absa Virtual Assistant did not understand my question. Did I do something wrong?

    Absa Virtual Assistant currently supports how-to navigational guides and product information requests. It is continuously learning and will be able to respond to expanded sets of questions in the future. To improve your experience with Absa Virtual Assistant, follow the on-screen prompts when chatting with Absa Virtual Assistant.

  • Can I still get in touch with the Call Centre if I need to?

    Yes, our Call Centre personnel remain available to handle any queries or requests that you may have. However, we encourage you to use Absa Virtual Assistant for your general enquiries about navigation and product information. 

  • Is Absa Virtual Assistant available for use 24/7?

    Yes, Absa Virtual Assistant is available for use at any time for your convenience.

  • Is Absa Virtual Assistant safe to use?

    We can assure you that the use of Absa Virtual Assistant is safe, as the chatbot resides within the authenticated environment of the Banking App i.e. Absa Virtual Assistant is only available when you securely logon to the Banking App.

  • Will I incur any data-related costs for using Absa Virtual Assistant?

    No, as Absa Virtual Assistant resides within the banking app, which does not use any data provided that you have a positive data balance or are connected to Wi-Fi you will not incur any additional data costs or fees for using the banking app or Absa Virtual Assistant.   

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