You can benefit by having extra cash when you manage your credit score by paying your accounts on time. Create a debit order or set up a payment reminder and pay off your debt. Start saving towards your dream home.

How to improve your Credit Rating

  • What you get

    • You improve your credit rating or score
    • You reduce the amount of debt you owe
    • You manage your monthly expenses, and pay off all debt commitments

    Get Credit Life

    • Your debt commitments do not fall away if you pass away. It becomes a debt to your estate, decreasing the inheritance you leave to your loved ones
    • A credit life policy can ensure that your debts are paid up and your family is not burdened on your behalf
  • How it works

    Create a debit order or set up a payment reminder
    • To improve your credit score you must pay your accounts on time. This is a very important contributing factor to your credit score.
    • If you cannot create a debit order, set up a payment reminder.

    Reduce the amount of debt you owe

    • Put together a budget to help you manage your monthly expenses, and ensure you can pay all your monthly debt commitments.
    • Regularly pay off your credit card.
    • Make a list of all your accounts and check how much you owe on each account and what interest rates you are being charged.
    • Don’t miss your monthly payments or payments due. If you have spare cash, pay off your debt.
    • Request and negotiate a better payment plan from your creditors.

    Do not exhaust your credit facilities

    • Most financial institutions score you on the extent of use of your credit facilities such as a credit card and revolving personal loan, among others.
    • The extensive use of such facilities can negatively affect your credit score.

    Do not miss payments

    • This has the greatest effect on your score.
    • Do not fall into the trap of not repaying your debt. If you are not able to pay, contact your credit provider to arrange a suitable repayment amount.
    • Taking responsibility now to improve your repayment history will help you to improve your credit score.
    • Remember, the impact of your past credit problems disappears with time, so an older poor credit performance will not haunt you forever, especially if you take the initiative to improve your account management.

    Have a credit history

    • Having some credit history is actually an advantage since lenders are reluctant to lend to individuals whose repayment history they do not know. As such, your credit score might be low simply because you have no payment history.
    • To improve your credit score, open a small and manageable credit facility where you make timely and consistent monthly repayments.

    Monitor your credit record

    • With the high number of fraudulent cases of identity theft rampant in the country, it is wise to keep track of your credit record.
    • Doing this about every 4 months could ensure that the record that is on your profile is accurate and correct.
    • If incorrect information is being displayed, you can dispute the information via one of the available credit bureaus; this is usually free. They can remove false claims on your record that could have had a negative impact on your credit score.
    • Take advantage of the free reports offered by the different bureaus, at different times of the year.
    • Bureau contact details:
      • Experian: 0861 105 665
      • TransUnion ITC: 0861 482 482
  • Budget and save

    • Create a budget that includes all your monthly expenses.
    • Don’t add more obligations unless you have enough money to pay the extra obligation with your existing financial commitments.


    • Keep some money aside every month to cater for emergencies.
    • There are benefits to saving towards a deposit for your home. If you do not have savings that can go towards a deposit, you should start saving now and get in the habit of trying to put some money away each month so that when it comes to buying your first house, you have money to put down as a deposit.
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