Would you like the convenience of being able to manage your home loan anywhere, anytime? Simply register for online banking and sign-up for e-statements or access your account via our self-service telephone banking service.

Internet banking

Choose convenience and manage your home
loan anywhere and anytime.

Logon to Absa Online


If you want to save time, money and
environment, eStatements are perfect solution.


Self Service  

You can access 24-hour self-service from any phone and complete your transactions at your leisure time.

Self Service

How to get it and what you can expect

  • What you get

    Benefits of managing your home loan digitally:
    • Convenience to manage your home loan securely.
    • Access to your account anywhere and anytime.
    • Check your account balance and payment due.
    • Access your remaining term and interest rate.
    • Receive your statements quicker with our eStatements solution.
    You will be able to access your home loan:
    • Outstanding balance.
    • Settlement amount.
    • Internal transfers from Flexi Reserve.
    • Copy of tax certificates.
    • Access 24-hour self-service from any device and complete your transactions.
  • How does it work

    Absa Online
    • Registered for Absa Online or register by phone and follow easy steps.
    • Then logon, using your account number, PIN and unique password, and start banking.
    • Visit your nearest Absa branch to authenticate your registration.

    For any enquiries please contact us on 08600 08600

    • Register for eStatements at any Absa branch, Absa Online or Telephone Banking.
    • You will be emailed your first eStatement within 2 business days of the end your next statement cycle and thereafter monthly, which means that you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail.
    • The first time you receive an eStatement you will need to download and install the Striata Reader and, if you do not already have it installed, Adobe Reader. Links to both of these products will also be provided in the cover mail of your eStatement.
    • Your eStatement will be delivered to your e-mail inbox as an .emc file attached to an email.
    • For security reasons and to decrypt the file you will only have to enter your password as requested by the prompt.
    • Should you wish to change your statement options at any point, simply visit a branch or access Absa Online or Telephone Banking.

    For any enquiries on e-Statements please contact us on 0860 111 123 or Telephone Banking 08600 08600.


    All you need is an e-PIN and with the new registration process, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    • Simply call 0860 111 007 from your cellphone number registered with Absa.
    • Enter your ID number, account number or card number.
    • Respond to the SureCheck message.
    • Finally select a 6- to 12-digit PIN of your choice.

    For any enquiries please contact us on 08600 08600

    How to change my e-Pin
    • Simply call 0860 111 007 from your cellphone number registered with Absa.
    • Enter your ID number, account number or card number.
    • Create an e-PIN.
    How to stop my contact centre e-Pin

    The e-Pin can be stopped by calling the Stop Card on 0800 11 11 55 or by visiting your nearest Absa branch with proof of identity or at an Absa ATM.

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