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Your fees for this transaction:

R3.95 plus R1.35 for every R100
(including VAT)

Individual fees per transaction

R 500
R 350
R 200
R 50
R 10
Platinum Value Bundle monthly fee R 159 plus the following free transactions every month:
  • 5 Cash deposit: Absa ATM
  • 5 Cash deposit: Cash acceptor
  • 5 Cardless cash deposit: Cash acceptor
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Amount per transaction

R 500 TransactionA
R 1000 TransactionB
R 1500 TransactionC
R 2000 TransactionD
R 2500 TransactionE


Also do this transaction via:

Electric transfer
R 7.50


With the platinum cheque you also get:

Electric transfer R 7.50

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Ways to bank

There are a number of ways you can transact without having to step into a branch.


Do a variety of banking transactions from within either Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

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Mobile banking app

Manage your money on the move and around the clock from your mobile device.

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Cellphone banking lite

Bank from any kind of phone with no downloads or data usage.

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