A secure, fast and reliable way to transfer money to or from South Africa, SWIFT allows you to make payments directly into a beneficiary’s foreign account.

Make secure payments

SWIFT payments are fast and secure. Inward payments are now available on the Absa Banking App.

Transfer funds abroad

Transfer funds to an individual or business account abroad.

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Get the Absa SWIFT code

Absa’s SWIFT code is ABSAZAJJ.

  • What you can do with SWIFT transfers

    • Send money to an individual or business in another country
    • Receive funds directly into your account from abroad
    • If you’re registered for Absa Online, you can make use of the SWIFT service by clicking on the International Funds Transfer gadget under the Payments tab
    • To make sure your payment is successful, give the sender Absa’s SWIFT code and your bank account number (Absa’s SWIFT code is ABSAZAJJ).
    • Inward payment are now available on the Absa Banking App
  • Benefits of electronic transfers

    • Secure form of payment
    • Much faster than a bank draft
    • You can stipulate the exact date of payment
    • Quick and convenient
    • Available online.
  • What do I need to make an electronic payment

    • The beneficiary’s bank details, account number, name and residential address
    • Any documentation required by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).
  • SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovation)

    ABSA is a proud member of SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovation) offering transformed cross-border payment services to our customers. SWIFT GPI is a fast moving initiative working at transforming the global payments world with a specific focus on cross-border payments.

    • This enables full track and trace on cross boarder payments.
    • Should the beneficiary bank also be a member we will provide you a notification with a beneficiary credit confirmation.
    • Includes a list of participating banks worldwide.

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