South African exchange control rulings do not normally permit the issuing of cheques by individuals or companies to beneficiaries who live outside the common monetary area. To facilitate such payments, we can provide you with an Absa bank draft.

Send monetary gifts overseas

Bank drafts can be accompanied by a letter, invoice or personal note.

Available currencies

Drafts are available in selected currencies.

Drafts can be stopped if lost or stolen

Replacement drafts can be arranged if lost or stolen.

How to get bank drafts and what you can expect

Things you need to know
  • Bank drafts are normally sent directly to the beneficiary overseas, and are therefore a more personal way of effecting payment, since these instruments can be accompanied by a letter, invoice or personal note.
  • Drafts are useful for sending monetary gifts overseas and for the payment of foreign subscriptions. They can also be used for the payment of land arrangements for your upcoming trip overseas.
  • Drafts can be used as travel funds. Keep in mind that drafts must generally be deposited into an overseas account.
  • After drafts are deposited, there is normally a delay of several days for clearance before you can withdraw cash.
  • Absa offers drafts in selected major currencies at selected bank branches while you wait.
  • Drafts can be stopped if lost or stolen and replacements issued (subject to terms and conditions).
What you need to apply as an Absa client
  • A valid ID.
  • Supporting documentation for exchange control requirements.

If you are not an Absa client, you are welcome to contact us to see how we can assist you.

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