28 September 2020

Absa Group Limited’s Cybersecurity team was named the ‘Not for Profit Team of the Year’ at the 2020 Cyber Security Awards on Thursday, 10 September 2020.

The award was made in recognition of Absa’s role in the Absa Cybersecurity Academy, a collaboration with the Maharishi Institute, that provides marginalised youth with the opportunity to become certified cybersecurity specialists. The Johannesburg-based academy was expanded in August with the launch of a Cape Town leg.

Absa’s Group Chief Security Officer, Sandro Bucchianeri, was ‘highly commended’ in the Cybersecurity industry ‘Personality of the Year’ category, which recognises efforts to promote the sector.

Established in 2014, the Cyber Security Awards programme, organised by the Eponymous company, recognises top performers in the Cybersecurity sector. Founder Karla Reffold, currently a director at UK and US Cybersecurity recruitment business BeecherMadden, was among the judges.

“Cybersecurity has evolved rapidly into one of the most important areas in the banking sector. Absa therefore considers it as critical that we have top resources looking after this area,” said Paul O’Flaherty, Absa Group Chief Executive: Engineering Services. “We are proud that our team’s efforts within the company, and in being a force for good, are being recognised.”

“As a CSO, one dreams of leading a phenomenal team and being recognised in an international awards programme,” said Bucchianeri. “I’m exceptionally proud of my team, and we look forward to doing more to support the development of the industry while uplifting the communities in which Absa operates.”