Absa's commitment to customer privacy

Absa Group Limited, Registration Number 1986/004794/06 (“Absa”), with its head office at 15 Troye Street, Johannesburg, South Africa, is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers' personal information ("customer information") submitted to Absa via the www.absa.co.za website ("the/this website"). This privacy policy ("this policy") outlines Absa's practices and commitment to the customer in this regard.

Absa knows that you expect a high level of privacy and security for the personal information that you have shared or intend sharing with us. This privacy notice is designed to inform you of the types of information we collect from our customers, how we use that information, and the circumstances under which we will share it with third parties. By visiting Absa.co.za and supplying us with your information, you are accepting the practices described within this privacy notice.

Absa is strongly committed to ensuring that the personal information you provide to us is treated securely and responsibly. We appreciate the fact that you are aware of your rights as an individual relating to personal information and thus will not act in a manner that would potentially lead to negative impacts on your financial well being.

  • This policy must be read with the Terms of use for absa.co.za that is incorporated into this policy.
  • Previously updated — November 2010
  • Reviewed and updated — November 2011
  • Previously updated — January 2016


  • At Absa, we treat your personal information responsibly

    Absa promises to treat all of your personal information carefully and responsibly.

    Personal information includes any information that lets Absa identify you as a unique individual, such as your name and surname combined with your physical address, contact details and/or passport/identity number.

    Personal information (in South Africa) also refers to the personal information that identifies a legal entity uniquely, such as the trading name of a company combined with the company registration number.

    Personal information also includes details about your religious and philosophical beliefs, political persuasion, trade union membership, health or sex life, biometric information, or any alleged criminal activities.

    Personal information may be given to or collected by Absa, including in writing as part of a written application form, electronically (email), telephonically, online or via the Absa banking app.

    Processing of personal information includes any initial processing that Absa does when it first collects your personal information. It also includes any further and ongoing processing that Absa is allowed to carry out legitimately in terms of the reasons listed in paragraph 9 (below). The term ‘processing’ includes collecting, using, altering, merging, linking, organising, disseminating, storing, retrieving, disclosing, erasing, archiving, destroying or disposing of personal data.

  • Your personal information is an important part of Absa’s relationship with you

    Absa collects and processes your information in order to give you the product and/or service that you want and it takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard your privacy. 

    Absa will only collect and process the personal information it needs in order to provide products and/or services to you, or to enable it to comply with the requirements of specific laws that it is governed by.

    Absa may also process your personal information in order to protect your or its legitimate interests. Absa will not collect and process personal information about you that it does not need for this purpose. The general purpose for which it collects and processes your personal information includes, but is not limited to:

    Creating a record of you on its system in order to verify your identity, provide you with the products and/or services you have applied for, and then communicate with and keep you informed about these products and/or services;

    • Assessing whether you qualify for the granting of credit, or the increasing of your credit limit;
    • Identifying you and verifying your physical address, source of income and similar information;
    • Providing income tax-related information to tax authorities; and
    • Assessing your personal financial circumstances and needs before providing advice to you.

    Furthermore, Absa will not process your special personal information unless:

    • You have consented to Absa processing it;
    • It is necessary to exercise or defend a right or obligation in law; 
    • It is necessary to comply with an international legal obligation of public interest;
    • It is for certain historical, research or statistical purposes that would not adversely affect your privacy; or
    • You have deliberately made the information public yourself.

    There are some personal information fields that you have to fill in if you want Absa to provide you with your chosen product and/or service. This information can be provided in writing, electronically or telephonically, but it must be accurate and complete. These fields are indicated by an asterisk on the respective forms/websites. If Absa does not receive the necessary personal information, it will not be able to continue with your application. If you are already a client and Absa asks you for this information and you do not provide it, Absa will have to suspend the provision of the product and/or services for a period of time, or even terminate its relationship with you.

    In most cases, personal information will be collected directly from you, but there may be other instances when Absa will collect personal information from other sources. These may include: public records; places where you may already have made your personal information public (for example, on social media), credit bureaus, or individuals/directors whom you have appointed as your representative.

    Absa will, in most instances, collect and process your personal information internally. However, there are times when Absa needs to outsource these functions to third parties, either within Absa or external to Absa, including parties in other countries. Absa may also need to share your data with credit bureaus or other regulatory or industry bodies, so that it can meet its due diligence or regulatory requirements. When Absa decides to transfer your personal information to other parties, it will only provide it to companies that have the same data privacy policies as Absa or are subject to laws relating to the processing of personal information that are similar to those that apply to Absa.

    There may be instances where Absa will process your personal information through a secured automated tool, or performing profiling resulting in a decision that may affect you significantly. If you are unhappy about the outcome of such a decision, please contact your local customer service centre.

  • Absa respects your right to opt out of receiving marketing material via electronic communications

    As a customer, if you have opted out of receiving electronic marketing communication, Absa will not market to you using electronic media. However, if you are receiving marketing via electronic communications, you have the right to opt out at any time by following the instructions on the relevant marketing material.

    As a non-customer, if you would like to receive marketing information from Absa, please submit your details to Absa in writing.

    If you are a resident of the European Union, you may also ask Absa to port your personal data to another party in terms of applicable EU data privacy legislation.

    If you have a complaint relating to the protection of your personal information, including the way in which it has been collected or processed by Absa, please contact us on 0800 41 41 41 or email us on actionline@absa.co.za. If you have not had your complaint dealt with satisfactorily, you may lodge a complaint with your local privacy regulator in terms of local privacy laws.

  • Right to amend this privacy statement

    Absa reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. All amendments to this policy will be posted on the website. Unless otherwise stated, the current version shall supersede and replace all previous versions of this policy.

  • Help contribute to the protection of your information

    The customer can also help maintain the security of banking information by:

    • Not sharing the customer's ID or password with anyone
    • Changing the customer's password regularly
    • Remembering to sign off after an online banking session
    • Not leaving the customer's computer unattended while conducting online transactions
    • Reporting lost or stolen cards
    • Helping Absa maintain accurate records by letting Absa know when changes occur in the customer's situation so Absa can update its records accordingly
    • Not sending any confidential information via non-encrypted email
    • Not supplying the customer's personal and financial information to any site he/she doesn't know or trust

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