Our fixed term deposit accounts offer you limited access to funds for the duration of the investment. Ideal if you won’t need access to your funds for a known period of time.

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High yield returns on your investment

The longer you opt to have your money in a term deposit the bigger the interest you earn.

Safe investment

Our term deposits offer you guaranteed returns and peace of mind.

You have control over your invested funds

You can choose the investment period and interest frequency.

  • Fixed Deposit account

    Let’s help you grow your money in a Fixed Deposit account. All you need to do is make a single deposit, choose a fixed period for your investment and you are guaranteed a fixed rate of interest.

    Fixed Deposit

    This account allows you to make a single deposit for a fixed period. What you get? A guaranteed interest rates for the investment period.

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  • Dynamic Fixed Deposit account

    The Dynamic Fixed Deposit account gives you the flexibility of determining your preferred fixed term as well as a percentage
    of funds available to you on demand.

    Dynamic Fixed Deposit

    This account allows you to withdraw funds without affecting your interest rate.

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