We believe in bridging the gap, and providing business opportunities to SMMEs to access corporate supply. “SMMEs are a pivotal part of building our economy. One more from a point of job creation, but moreover from ensuring that societies have a future tomorrow,” says Vusi Fele, Absa Group Chief Procurement Officer.

Absa Procurement Marketplace is a simplified, single platform for prospective SMMEs to register their company profiles, upload their value propositions and access supply opportunities with Absa.

The portal allows prospective suppliers to:

  • Access information relating to services and/or products that Absa procures;
  • Add their details to Absa’s database, and easily identify the procurement categories and services that the bank is looking for; and
  • Qualifying SMMEs may be eligible for Absa’s Supplier Development Programme, which provides business support, training, mentoring, advisory and more.              

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