Accept debit and credit card payments in a secure point-of-sale environment. 

  • Features

    • The applications loaded on your point-of-sale device dictate the type of transactions allowed, for example, forecourt, workshop, restaurant or normal retail.
    • Each product loaded on your device will be according to what you need The device needs to be EMV PCI DSS certified.
    • Devices could be fixed or portable to enable payments away from the counter.
  • Value added features

    • Contactless payments
    • Pay in Your Currency
    • Forecourt
    • In-store banking
    • Restaurant application
    • Prepaid airtime
    • Buy-Aid acceptance
    • Cheque guaranteed services 
  • Qualifying criteria

    • You must be an individual or legal entity with a South African bank account
    • You must be a resident of and/or your business must be based in South Africa
    • You must have a clear credit record and have no judgements against your name

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