Key Features
CashSend Plus
  • Allows for a maximum of R3 000 per transaction
  • You can set and maintain limits at the branch
  • Single or multiple CashSend Plus payments can be captured – up to 50 per batch
  • A CashSend Plus payment can be made from a business cheque or savings account only and must be initiated via Absa Online for Business
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SWIFT Payments
  • It is a risk-free and secure form of payment
  • It is much faster than a bank draft, should time be critical
  • You are able to stipulate the exact date of payment
  • It is convenient and fast
  • Funds received are available immediately
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Business Integrator International

Through two core modules you have access to international trade finance and cash management solutions:

Trade Finance

  • Cross-border outward transfers in foreign currency and Rand
  • Trade finance products for imports
  • Trade finance products for exports
  • Cross-border guarantees in foreign currency for accounts held at non-Absa institutions

Cash Management

  • View Customer Foreign Currency accounts
  • View offshore finance transactions
  • View inbound electronic transfers from abroad
  • View spot and forward exchange transactions
  • Import and display account and balance


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Receiving payments

Key Features
Payment Pebble
  • Accepts chip and PIN and magnetic strip-and-PIN cards
  • Accepts Tap ’n Go (contactless) enabled card
  • Amex and Diners Club Card acceptance**
  • Full colour OLED screen display
  • Backlight to improve visibility
  • Extended battery life - provides 40 transactions when fully charged
  • Gorilla glass for screen protection
  • Uses internet connectivity to process transactions
  • Adheres to all mandated banking rules, global certifications and regulations

**Only available to registered Amex and Diners Club merchants.

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Stand-alone desktop
  • The applications loaded on your point-of-sale device dictate the type of transactions allowed e.g. Forecourt, Workshop, Restaurant or normal Retail
  • Each product loaded on your device will be according to what you need The device needs to be EMV PCI DSS certified
  • Devices could be fixed, or portable, to enable payments away from the counter
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Integrated host systems
  • Ability to integrate to all major Card Present Payment service providers
  • Well established card payment platform supporting all major retailers in SA
  • System allows merchants to customize a payment acceptance solution built around their business needs
  • All solutions are certified by Card schemes ensuring minimal risk to merchants
  • Supports a range of data security protocols allowing merchants to choose from a variety of tools to gain PCIDSS compliance
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e-Commerce solutions
  • Your virtual shop never closes and is accessible worldwide
  • Secure card payments increase sales and reduce the need for bank transfers
  • Verification of card details at the point of purchase helps minimise fraud
  • Reports can be customised to suit your unique business requirements via your chosen payment service provider
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Key Features
Non-authenticated Electronic debit orders
  • Collections are processed in the early collection window soon after the credit run
  • All unsuccessful collections automatically go into credit tracking up to 32 days
  • Absa offers market-leading full credit tracking
  • Successful and unsuccessful transaction reports are available to simplify reconciliations
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Electronic funds transfer
  • All transactions are processed in the evening of the agreed payment date, providing your customers ample time to ensure funds are available in their accounts
  • Multiple collections are reflected as a single entry on your bank statement thereby minimising bank charges
  • The EFT debit order service is available from Monday to Saturday
  • Absa offers EFT debit orders via our online channel as well host to host
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Authenticated Early Debit Orders
  • AEDO allows you to monitor debtor accounts proactively for up to 32 days and make collections as soon as funds become available
  • AEDO transactions are authenticated by the bank account holder, they cannot be disputed
  • To accommodate your business model there is a choice of fixed and portable terminals, to enable you to set up your AEDO collections wherever you are
  • Full transactional reporting and maintenance is available through convenient channels.
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  • Your recurring transactions can be processed using one of two options: host to host or payment service provider
  • Tokenisation is mandated by ABSA Bank when taking on new Batchlink merchants
  • We do not process batch files on Sundays and public holidays
  • You will need to ensure that you use a commerce service provider that has integrated to Absa
  • Allows for large volumes of transactions to be sent in file format to Absa for processing in a batch environment
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