Let’s help your business improve collections and reduce disputes with customers. Our Authenticated Early Debit Order (AEDO) service allows you to load future-dated, irreversible collections on third party accounts and also ensures customers are aware of debit orders being processed through their bank accounts.

Improve your collections

Your collection rates will improve, particularly in lower income segments where the risk of payment being declined due to lack of funds is higher.

Less disputes with customers

All AEDO transactions are authenticated by the bank account holder hence they cannot be disputed. 

Set up collections anywhere, anytime

You can choose between fixed and portable terminals. A portable terminal enables you to set up your AEDO collections anywhere, anytime.

It’s fast and efficient

Our AEDO system allows you full transactional reporting and maintenance is available through convenient channels. 

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How it works
  • An Authenticated Early Debit Order (AEDO) enables the accountholder to mandate the contracted future dated early debit orders through the use of their bank card (e.g. debit card) and PIN.
  • In terms of the AEDO service, consumers are able to electronically authorise future dated deductions from their bank accounts for the payment of insurance premiums, loan repayments and asset purchases etc. at point of sale, by swiping their bank cards and entering their PIN numbers.
  • As these deductions by the bank are authenticated by the consumer in person through an electronic signature, they cannot be repudiated by the consumer once paid, giving the service provider and consumer certainty of payment.
  • The benefit of AEDO is that they are authenticated through an electronic mandate and therefore disputes are minimized. At present authentication can only take place at a physical terminal and thus telephone or internet mandates are not possible. 
Qualifying criteria
  • Must be an individual or legal entity with a South African bank account
  • Must be a resident of and/or your business must be based in South Africa
  • You must have a clear credit record and have no judgments against your name

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