If you have the right event or initiative, we are interested in partnering with you. Have a look at  our sponsorship criteria and what you will require for drafting your proposal.

Visit the Apply page for the details we require for any application and submit your details to sponsorships@absa.co.za

How do we define sponsorship?

A sponsorship is the acquisition of rights to create associations between a brand and a property, delivering measurable benefits to the sponsor as part of its business and brand strategies.

Is your commercial sponsorship right for Absa?

We look for sponsorships that will help form positive associations with our brand. Our brand purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions in the right way and we are looking for sponsorship partners that can support us with that ambition.

The areas we look to sponsor are in:
  • Arts and culture — including popular culture and entertainment
  • Sport — from global to local properties
  • Thought Leadership — we are at the forefront of a changing banking industry and we want to be associated with like-minded properties and organisations that will help create distinction from our competitors
Sponsorship considerations

As an iconic brand, we attract a huge amount of sponsorship requests. In order to meet our sponsorship objectives, it is our policy not to sponsor the following categories:

  • Political or religious associations
  • Sponsorship properties which already have given significant brand exposure for our competitors in banking
  • Sponsorship properties that are perceived to have or encompass a violent or dangerous nature (e.g. boxing)
  • Sponsorships where Absa or its colleagues may have — or be perceived to have — a conflict of interest
  • Sponsorship of teams (by exception only)
  • Sponsorship of individuals (by exception only)
  • An event which is due to commence within the next two months

Please check the 'Applying for sponsorship' section for the details we require for any application and submit your details to sponsorships@absa.co.za

If you are interested in charitable or community sponsorships, please contact the Absa Citizenship team at citizenship@absa.co.za

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