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We recommend that you always take some “destination currency” with you for convenience at airports (need a sandwich? No problem!). You can also pay taxi fares or tip your porter at your hotel without having to queue at a Bureau de Change just after landing – making your travel experience much happier. Remember to limit this amount of cash to the basics you will need upon arrival – or you may stand the risk of loss or theft of this money.

We can supply you with foreign currency banknotes in most of the world’s major currencies, and can order special currency for you should we not have the currency at our counters.

Safety tips for foreign currency:

  • Carry small denominations of notes so as not to attract attention when paying
  • Do not buy currency on the black market – it is illegal in most countries!
  • Always be vigilant and keep an eye out for counterfeit notes
  • Always check your change
  • Find out more about banking security while travelling internationally
  • When dealing with “soft” currencies, such as those in some Eastern European and most African countries, remember that their banknotes will be near-impossible to exchange outside that country. Rather spend it, or convert it to a major currency like the US dollar before departure

NB - When you return form your trip, any unused foreign banknotes must be resold and can be done at Absa.

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