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Commercial property finance

Whether you are buying new business premises, refinancing your current property or building your property portfolio, our Commercial Property Finance division can help.

Vacant land

  • Buy and finance vacant land for future commercial or residential development
  • You have the option to repay monthly interest only or to take a capital payment holiday - the outstanding amount will be due at the end of the repayment period
  • We’ll finance a maximum of 50% loan-to-value ratio on vacant land e.g. if you borrow R500 000 to buy a property worth R1 000 000, the loan-to-value ratio is R500 000 to R1 000 000, or 50%
  • The maximum repayment term is 12 months
  • We require a preliminary feasibility study from you to help us assess the viability of your future development project
  • Land finance can only be granted on an exceptional basis and your application will be carefully considered against your track record

Affordable housing finance

  • Used to buy rental stock, typically in CBDs, where the property meets our classification of ‘affordable housing’
  • Finances purchase of high-rise residential buildings in selected locations with the intention of hosting the affordable housing market
  • The maximum repayment term is 120 months
  • Loan amounts are dependent on the value of the property and your application will be carefully considered against your track record

Commercial Development Loan

  • Finance for development in the retail (e.g. shopping centres), industrial (manufacturing plants and light industrial), office or residential development space
  • The maximum loan-to-value ratio is 70%
  • The maximum repayment term is 120 months
  • Fees and interest are calculated upfront and added to your principal amount, which becomes payable when the development is completed and the property is earning rental income
  • You can structure stepped repayments (e.g. every 3 months for the first year, every 6 months the second year and the rest at the end of the term)
  • You can also structure bullet payments, whereby payment is only made at the end of the term

Qualifying criteria

The minimum security needed is:

  • personal suretyship of the principal
  • first mortgage bonds


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