Walletdoc makes it easy to track and pay your bills 

Paying your bills just became a breeze! All your bills in one place, saved and stored for next time.
Download the app or visit walletdoc.com to register and start paying your bills seamlessly whenever you need to.

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It’s easy to use 

Download the app, register, receive your bills and start paying with a click of a button.

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Helpful notifications

Know when a bill arrives and get a reminder when payment is due.

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Repeat convenience

walletdoc stores your bills, keeps a record of your accounts and reference numbers so that it’s easier to pay the next time.

  • How to get walletdoc

    1. Download the walletdoc app from the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Register a walletdoc account.
    3. You’ll be assigned a walletdoc email address (e.g. yourusername@walletdoc.me).
    4. Request your bills to be sent to your walletdoc email address or simply forward your bills to your walletdoc email address yourself.
    5. If you don’t want the app, you can still use walletdoc through the website: walletdoc.com
  • walletdoc is secure

    • We protect your data using the bank’s security systems
    • We’re Payment Card Industry- (PCI) compliant
    • We’re Protection of Personal Information Act- (POPIA) compliant
    • Mobile transactions require fingerprint or PIN authentication
    • We’re registered with the Payments Association of South Africa in terms of the directive for payments to third parties.
  • Benefits

    • Pay with the touch of a button anytime, anywhere
    • Keep your bills in one convenient digital place
    • Accumulate your payment card reward points/miles
    • If you’re an Absa Rewards member, you can earn Cash Rewards.
How to pay using walletdoc

Download the walletdoc app from your App Store or Play Store

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Frequently asked questions

Contact details

Email us at support@walletdoc.com