For improved security all your 3D Secure transactions will now be approved using your Absa Banking App.

Currently 3D Secure transactions are approved via an OTP sent to your phone via SMS. If you are using our Absa Banking App these approvals will now be sent to your Absa Banking App. If you are not using our Absa Banking App you will continue to receive SMS approvals.

How to approve your 3D Secure transaction on your App

View the steps below to see how your 3D Secure approvals will be sent to you and how to approve them using your Absa Banking App.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How will this change affect customers who perform transactions online?

    • Absa Banking App users will now be directed to the App to accept or decline all 3D Secure transactions.
  • Who will be affected by this new process?

    • All Absa customers registered to use the Absa Banking App
    • Secondary credit card users who have registered for the App
  • How will the change in process affect my Absa Banking App customer experience?

    • Customers registered for the mobile App will no longer receive SMS-triggered OTP messages
    • Customers will be required to ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ SureCheck to accept or decline the transaction
    • If you click ‘Approve’, your online shopping transaction will be authorised
    • If you click ‘Reject’, the online shopping transaction will be cancelled and another SureCheck will be sent to you. The SureCheck will include contact details for the Absa Fraud hotline in case you suspect fraud.
    • If you don’t accept SureCheck in time you will have the option to ask for SureCheck to be resent. Note: you will only have three attempts to ask for SureCheck to be resent. If SureCheck fails three times, you will have one attempt to finalise your transaction, during which an OTP will be sent automatically via SMS to your cellphone to complete the transaction.
  • Will customers travelling or residing abroad be affected?

    • Download and activate your Absa Banking App before you are travel or relocate abroad.
    • Once your App is successfully activated, you can use it anywhere in the world, provided you:
      • have access to Wi-Fi
      • can perform online shopping/3D secure transactions without having to activate cellphone number roaming services
  • If I am registered on the App, can I choose to use the SMS-based OTP option?

    • Customers who have registered for the Absa Banking App will NO longer receive an OTP. We are introducing the change to minimise fraud and ensure customers transact in a secure environment. SMS OTP will only be offered to non-App users.
  • What if I am unable to accept or decline SureCheck via the Absa Banking App on time?

    • Customers will be allowed to resend authorisations via the merchant site they are shopping from and will be allowed up to 120 seconds to log in and approve the transaction.

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Call the 3D Secure helpline on 011 354 4058