If you find yourself struggling with your home loan repayments, we have several options available to assist you. Selling your existing property and buying a property that is easier to afford can very often resolve a large part of your financial difficulties. To help with the sale of your property we offer a service called HelpUSell.


What is HelpUSell?

HelpUSell will help you sell your home at a market related price - to help you pay your loan off. Using our network of professional sales agents, you get access to marketing networks, advertising and sales know-how. In other words, the sale of your property will be handled professionally and competently. This is far better than an auction where properties are often sold for far less than they are worth.



HelpUSell discount
HelpUSell discount

If the sale price of your property is less than the outstanding balance on your home loan, you'll qualify for up to 50% discount on the remaining amount (shortfall amount).

HelpUSell consultants
HelpUSell consultants

Our HelpUSell consultants will assist and guide you throughout the entire sales process.

Network of real estate agents

Our network of real estate agents will help advertise and market your property.

Market related price
Market related price

You could get a better price for your home than at a sheriff's auction when you sell using our HelpUSell service.

  • See what HelpUSell discount you qualify for

    • If you are behind on your instalments for 3 months or less, you qualify for a 50% discount.
    • If you are behind between 3 and 6 months, you qualify for a 30% discount.
    • If you are behind more than 6 months on your instalments, you qualify for a 10% discount.

How does HelpUSell work?


Sign a HelpUSell mandate

  • This will allow one of our agents to be appointed to market, advertise and sell your property.
  • You will need to give our agents access to your property for valuation, marketing and selling.
  • The HelpUSell mandate will include additional terms and conditions on the sale and registration process – so be sure to read this in detail.

Your property is listed for sale

  • Our HelpUSell agents will work hard to sell your property.
  •  If you have a potential buyer, or have accepted an offer for your property, you can submit the offer and proof of your buyer’s finance to privatesales@absa.co.za for consideration.

Maintain the property during the sale process

  • You will be responsible for maintaining the property to ensure that it is shown to its full potential to prospective buyers.
  • This is to make sure you get the highest possible price for your home.

Pay sale costs and any outstanding amounts

  • You will be liable for all costs associated with the sale and transfer of the property.
  • These costs include but are not limited to outstanding rates, taxes, charges for municipal services and levies (if applicable); estate agent commission; bond cancellation costs and legal costs (if applicable).
  • You can pay these from the sale proceeds or make an advance payment
  •  Paying from the sale proceeds will reduce the amount available for distribution into your home loan account.


Remember, even though you agree to use HelpUSell, the terms and conditions of your home loan will still apply, so you will continue paying your monthly home loan instalments as agreed with the bank.


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