A Shari’ah-compliant Graduate Account that prepares you for the road ahead.


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Islamic Gold Graduate
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Low monthly fees

Enjoy the benefits of a Graduate account and pay low monthly fees of R54.50.

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Shari'ah compliant

Transfer cash, make payments and be confident that all of the services are compliant with the Shari'ah law.

track your account
Transactions included in your monthly fee

 Unlimited electronic transactions and swipes.

Get started with a Graduate account

Enjoy the benefits of our Graduate Account – specially created for your needs when you enter the working world.

  • To open an Islamic Gold Graduate account you will need

    • To be under 30 years old
    • Be in your final year of studies or have just qualified
    • A valid, bar-coded South African identity document or a valid passport
    • Proof of residence
    • Proof of qualifications not older than 12 months or proof of final year studies
  • Transactions included in monthly fee

    • Absa ATM cash withdrawal up to a total value of R4 500 per month, thereafter standard fees apply
    • Cash deposits at an Absa ATM or Cash acceptor up to a total value of R4 500 per month, thereafter standard fees apply
    • Unlimited: 
      • Electronic balance or statement enquiry (at Absa ATM, Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Banking)
      • Funds transfers and internal payments (includes internal debit orders and stop orders)
      • Debit or cheque card purchases
      • Cash withdrawals at point-of-sales (POS)
      • Electronic account (includes external debit orders) and beneficiary payments via Absa ATM, internet, mobile banking, telephone banking
    • Unlimited SMS or email notifications
    • Monthly subscription fee for internet banking, cellphone banking and telephone banking.
    • Unused transactions allocated in your Value Bundle will roll over for one month if not used in the current month
    • 50% discount on monthly service fees if a positive balance of more R30 000 is maintained

    Please note that not all transaction charges will be included in the monthly fee. Some transactions will be charged at the standard pay-as-you-transact fee. For more information, you can refer to the pricing brochure or visit your nearest branch.


  • How to use a Graduate account to transact

    • Cheaper banking fees while you are finding your first job
    • Make withdrawals (from an Absa ATM or at a point-of-sale), account payments and electronic fund transfers
    • Get prepaid top-ups and print balance enquiries and mini statements at any Absa branch or ATM
    • Your account number stays the same even if you upgrade your account or transfer to another branch
    • Use Absa ATMs, their fees are more cost-effective than Saswitch fees
    • Keep your card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a safe place
    • Remember your PIN and never write it down
    • Swipe your card locally and internationally at point-of-sale (POS)
    • Shop securely online with One-Time PIN transaction verification
    • Never let the card out of your sight when using it to pay for goods or services at a tillpoint
    • You can change your PIN at any Absa ATM or Absa branch
    • Register for an Absa Online
    • The following can be done online: 
      • Instantly set limits to pay beneficiaries
      • Instantly set debit card limits
      • Reset a locked or forgotten password
      • Retrieve your debit card PIN
  • The Absa MasterPass wallet

    Make shopping quick and easy with the MasterPass App

    Today’s digital world allows you to do business on the go with the Absa MasterPass™ App. This digital payment application makes shopping faster, easier and more convenient. It’s easy – just download the MasterPass App, register and shop away.

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