18 August 2023

Attention students who make payments to MANCOSA via electronic payment through Absa.

To ensure that payments made are timeously allocated to your accounts and to improve our service to you, MANCOSA is currently embarking on a clean-up process scheduled for November 2023. 

What you are required to do:

  1. Delete the old MANCOSA beneficiary code
  2. Recreate a new profile 
  3. Add MANCOSA as a new beneficiary 
  4. Use the following code when making electronic payments via Absa:

             EP0150101 - MANCOSA (PTY) LTD

Note that if this process is not followed before 30 November 2023, Absa will remove MANCOSA from your beneficiary list.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the MANCOSA finance department.