7 August 2023

Absa has collaborated with Women in Tech (WiT) to help shine a light on remarkable women from Africa who innovate, inspire and transform the technology industry. This joint effort culminates in the upcoming Women in Tech Africa Awards taking place on Thursday, 5 October 2023, in Cape Town.

The awards programme aims to empower and celebrate the positive strides that women from across the African continent have made in the technology industry.

Now in its second year, the awards programme includes categories ranging from Women in Tech Start-Up, Aspiring Teen, Most Disruptive and Global Leadership awards. Absa is the proud sponsor of two awards, the first being the Global Leadership Women in Tech Award, which celebrates an exceptional female leader who has made a remarkable global impact through outstanding leadership and transformative change in the technology sector. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the second award, which recognises a woman who has devoted her career to the technology industry, consistently contributing to its advancement and has left a legacy.

The winners in each of the WiT Africa Awards categories will be shortlisted for the WiT Global Awards that will take place in Dubai in November 2023.

Fostering women's participation and bridging the gender gap within the technology industry requires a multifaceted approach, according to Tamu Dutuma, Head of Strategy for Absa Technology. This includes empowering and acknowledging the accomplishments of women who are already making significant strides within the field.

“Recognising the achievements of women in tech is essential in inspiring the next generation of female leaders and dismantling gender barriers. By shining a spotlight on the contributions and accomplishments of women, we encourage more girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths and cultivate a pipeline of talented and passionate female tech professionals,” Dutuma adds.

WiT and Absa share a profound commitment to championing and empowering women within the technology industry, according to Melissa Slaymaker, Regional Director – Africa at Women in Tech.

“This collaborative effort drives a multitude of impactful programmes designed to uplift and inspire females at all stages of their tech career and journey. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive ecosystem that paves the way for more female leaders in tech. Among the many initiatives, the awards hold a special place, as they offer a tribute to the remarkable achievements of women who are driving innovation, breaking barriers and shaping the future of technology,” she adds.

The WiT collaboration with Absa includes other initiatives aimed at investing in women and equipping them with essential resources, education, networking and mentorship opportunities. By promoting skills development, offering leadership programmes and providing a supportive environment, companies can create a more inclusive technology ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Absa is proud to play a part in the progress of women in technology and to contribute meaningfully to the creation of an inclusive and thriving technology ecosystem.

“We are excited to soon recognise technology professionals from across all industries. Together, let's celebrate these extraordinary women in tech who inspire, innovate and create waves of change,” concludes Dutuma.