We live in an increasingly digital and inter-connected world, driven in large part by a collective reliance on mobile phone technology. In South Africa, 38 million of us are mobile users. That is over half the country: 67 percent if we want to be precise

Today, Absa introduced a quick, simple and convenient end-to-end account opening for new customers, through the Absa Banking App which can be downloaded from the Android and Apple stores. This innovation follows the launch of the world first ChatBanking on WhatsApp service and is another innovative way Absa is fast becoming a digitally-led bank, that is centered around the ever-changing needs of customers.

This “download your account” feature enables new customers to Absa, to open a Cheque account, order their card and start transacting on the Absa Banking App, all within minutes, from anywhere and at any time, by simply “downloading” it from the App stores.

“Overall, this new capability is not only expected to enhance the customer’s digital experience, but we expect to leverage this in our branches, bringing digital experiences to the branch environment and making it easier for our customers to join and bank with us regardless of where they may be,” says Aupa Monyatsi, Managing Executive for Virtual Channels at Absa Retail and Business Banking

“With this innovation comes the need to ensure that the security of our customers is at the heart of our digital experience, this is why the digital onboarding experience for this feature includes a high-quality facial matching check with the Department of Home Affairs to verify the customer’s identity, ensuring that we have the most up to date information of our clients. Security is supremely important for us,” said Monyatsi.

The new version of the Absa Banking App is now available in the Apple and Android App stores, and anyone with a South African ID can become an Absa customer, by following these simple steps:

1. Download the Absa App
2. Choose the account you would like to open
3. Tell us who you are
4. To keep you safe, we will verify your cell phone number
5. Take a selfie, and we will do facial matching with the Department of Home Affairs to confirm you are who you say you are
6. Tell us where you live
7. Let us know what you do for a living and your income
8. Click Apply.

This is another way Absa is finding innovative ways of doing business with our customers in mind. That is Africanacity, that is Absa.