Whether you want a pure savings account or one that you can use to carry out your basic day-to-day banking, we have a solution for your business.


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Earn interest on balance

You earn interest based on your balance and adjusted in line with market rates.

Instant access to funds

Enjoy easy access to your funds in your account when you need them.

Full capital amount guaranteed

We guarantee that the full amount of your capital will be available to you at the end of the investment term.

Cede your funds as collateral

Your saved funds can work for you if you want to take out a loan.

How to get it & what you can expect

Savings Call Account
Advantages of Savings Call Account
  • You earn interest based on your balance
  • On-demand access to the funds in your account
  • A debit card, should you need one
  • The guarantee of your full capital amount
  • The ability to cede the funds in this account as security
  • Monthly payment of accumulated interest into your account - or elsewhere if you like
Savings Call Account
Qualifying criteria
  • A minimum balance of R1 000 is required to open this account

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