Choose from our range of trade products to enhance your trading status and improve cash flow. Our Documentary Collections, Letters of Credit, Bonds, Guarantees and Indemnities come at competitive rates, giving you an advantage over the competition.

  • Documentary Collections

    We offer an efficient, secure and internationally-recognised method of settling export and import payments. Our Documentary Collections service makes it a breeze to receive and make export and import payments.

    Export Documentary Collections

    Our Export Documentary Collection is a simple and efficient way to collect payments for goods that you export.

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    Import Documentary Collections

    We offer you a safe, secure way of sourcing products globally while providing some form of security for you and your trading partner.

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  • Letter of Credit

    Our Letters of Credit cover your import trading risk and gives you a guarantee that you’ll receive payment for goods and services that you export.

    Export Documentary Letter of Credit

    We cover your trade risk by giving you a guarantee that we’ll pay you once you’ve provided us with all the required trading documents with your buyer.

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    Import Documentary Letter of Credit

    Our Import Documentary Letter of Credit service enables you to receive payment for your exports while covering your trading risks.

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  • Bonds, guarantees and indemnities

    Our Bonds, Guarantees and Indemnities enable you to:
    • Provide your buyer with a financial commitment to supply goods or services as agreed under a contract.
    • Make your proposition more attractive to your buyer.
    • Be supported throughout the life cycle of the contract by a wide range of guarantees.
    • Choose from standard or bespoke wordings that provide you and your buyer the guarantee that meets your specific needs.
    How it works:
    • Through our sector expertise we understand the importance of bank guarantees. As each business and transaction is different, we can work with you to tailor the wording of our guarantee to support your requirements.
    • They help provide specialist support for SA or overseas contracts.
    • Guarantees can be made for any amount and in any freely-traded currency, subject to availability of suitable facilities.
    • They can help in tendering for business that may otherwise have been out of reach.
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