Are you doing trade in goods and services across international borders? We have a team of experts who will help you with all your foreign exchange needs, from assisting you access competitively priced over-the-counter products to enhancing your trading experience with our foreign exchange electronic payment solutions.

  • The Spot Market

    Do you have day-to-day foreign exchange needs or require immediate foreign currency to make international payments? We have a day-to-day foreign exchange solution for you that can help you make and receive payment for services and goods sold abroad. 

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  • The Forward Market

    As a business doing trade overseas we understand the risks of trading in the foreign exchange market. Our team of experts can help you manage the risks of trading in foreign currency through a forward contract.

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  • Alternative Hedging

    By using our Alternative Hedging tool, we offer you protection against unfavourable currency movements and also afford you the choice to engage in foreign currency trading that will benefit your cash flow.

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  • BARX Africa

    Tailor-made for businesses trading in foreign currency, BARX Africa is an online system that provides you with a reliable and robust foreign exchange dealing environment.

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  • How to get it

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