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With close to 8 000 ATMs around the country, we make banking convenient for you.

Absa ATM

You can perform all basic, convenience and ATM payment services transactions.

Cash-accepting Absa ATM

You can deposit money and perform all basic, convenience and ATM payment services transactions.

  • Basic ATM services

    • Standard service — Cash withdrawal, balance, prepaid, and change of PIN
    • Prepaid — Top-up: Airtime, data and SMS bundles, vouchers, electricity (and UniPIN)
    • Transfer funds — move money between accounts
    • Saswitch linked transactions — withdrawal, balance, and prepaid top-up
    • Only available at cash accepting ATMs:
      • Cardless prepaid transactions
      • eStamp — draw an electronically stamped statement
  • Convenience services

    • Absa Instant Loans — for pre-qualified savings and cheque account customers
    • Prepaid Funeral — purchase pre-set funeral covers
    • Select your favourite local and foreign languages
    • Cardless banking — use the deposit function to pay beneficiaries (only at cash accepting ATMs)
  • ATM payment services

    • Scan and Pay Card based functionality — allows Absa customers to make payments to selected billers
    • Beneficiary payments — customers are able to pay their own registered beneficiaries
    • Traffic fines — a wide range of local authorities are available for traffic fine payments
    • CashSend — send money to anyone, even if they don’t have a bank account
    • Low value payments — load and unload credit on a debit card
  • Notification services

    • Card expiry notification
    • Wrong PIN entry notification and reset notice
    • FICA notification for required customer information
    • Source of income updates
    • View pre-scored credit limits

Stay safe and be vigilant with these ATM fraud and safety tips


Safety tips

Fraud tips

  • ATM dos and don’ts

    • Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM to avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet while in the queue.
    • Follow the instructions on the ATM screen carefully.
    • Report suspicious items or people around ATMs to the bank.
    • Report any concerns regarding the ATM to the bank. Toll free numbers are displayed on all ATMs.
    • Take note that fraudsters are often well dressed, well-spoken and respectable looking individuals.
    • Know what your ATM looks like so that you are able to identify any foreign objects attached to it.
    • Do not ask anyone to assist you at the ATM — not even the security guard or a bank official. Rather go inside the bank for help.
    • Do not insert your card if the screen layout is not familiar to you or if it looks like the machine has been tampered with.
  • Tips for protecting your PIN

    • Your PIN is your personal key to secure banking and it is crucial to keep it confidential
    • Memorise your PIN, never write it down or share it with anyone, not even with your family member or a bank official
    • Choose a PIN that will not be easily guessed
    • Do not use your date of birth as a PIN
    • Don’t let anyone stand too close to you in order to keep both your card and PIN safe
  • Tips for protecting your cash

    • Some fraudsters wait until you’ve drawn your cash to take advantage.
    • Be wary of people loitering around the ATM and ensure that you are not followed.
    • Take your time to complete your transaction and secure your card and your cash in your wallet, handbag or pocket before leaving the ATM.
    • Set a daily withdrawal limit that suits your needs to protect yourself in the event that your card and PIN are compromised.
    • Check your balance regularly and report discrepancies to your bank immediately.
    • After you have completed your transaction successfully, leave the ATM area immediately.
    • Be cautious of strangers requesting you to return to the ATM to finalise or close the transaction because they are unable to transact. Skimming may occur during this request.

Do you require more assistance?


Contact us for any further assistance you may require with a specific problem.

  • Contact us

    • Stop Card — 0800 11 11 55
    • Action Line — 0800 41 41 41
    • Reporting hardware related issue — 0860 111 444
    • Absa ATM Service Centre (Hygiene) — 0860 286 286
    • Absa general call centre number — 08600 08600
    • SMS — 30830 for reporting all ATM faults  

    Mobile Network Prepaid Support numbers

    • Vodacom — 082 111
    • MTN — 083 173
    • Cell C — 084 140 
    • Telkom Mobile — 0800 115 357
    • Virgin Mobile — 0741 000 123
    • Prepaid Electricity support — 0861 242 355

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