What you get 
  • Choose from a range of wealth-creating products.
  • Get a comprehensive view of your unit trust investment portfolio.
  • Consolidate your entire investment portfolio.
  • Set up and track savings goals.
  • Capture your foreign currency accounts.
  • Capture your investments held at other institutions and get a view of your entire financial portfolio.
  • Access our education centre with information on our share trading services, unit trusts and specialised investment offerings. 

Link your accounts

Absa Online Banking will display your linked investment accounts automatically and allow you to apply, buy, sell and switch online.

You have access to any of the following accounts:

  • Absa Unit Trusts
  • Absa Share Trading
  • Absa Investment Management Services.

Track on your dashboard

  • Monitor and track the major JSE indices.
  • Play with easy-to-use financial calculators.
  • Administer and monitor a personalised share price watch.
  • The investment balances are based on the latest available closing prices per account.
  • They’re uploaded regularly but are not real-time values.
  • To make sure that you make decisions using real-time balances, logon to Online Share Trading to confirm this information.
  • Absa Unit Trust Account balances are updated every 24 hours following the close of the stock exchange and portfolio balances are reflected at the published price for the previous day.
  • Absa Savings Account balances are in real time.
  • Information about investments at other institutions is not validated by Absa and needs to be regularly updated and maintained by you to ensure that you have an accurate view of your total investment portfolio.
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